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Check out our Is This Hero For Real Chapter 69 spoiler to learn more about the most recent chapter of the popular manhwa “Is This Hero For Real”! Be the first to learn what awaits your favorite characters and find out what will happen next. Don’t let the thrill pass you by! Note some of the spoilers from Reddit  are listed below:

1. Lessons Learned From Disappointing Dragon Attack

The swordsman had expected to obtain a large number of valuable materials from a dragon attack on a city. However, when he found that the dragon had not left behind as many valuable materials as he had anticipated, he decided to create bones from the dragon’s ears.


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He used the dragon’s teeth that he had purchased with his own money as a teaching aid for a class, and focused on the children who had been listening intently. During the class, the swordsman discovered that bone had a higher force conductivity than metal and that calcium appeared to conduct better than copper and silver.

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The swordsman also learned that it is highly unlikely to find any dragon bones, which made the discovery of the dragon’s teeth even more valuable. As the narrator was walking through the hallway of the academy, other groups blocked their path, causing a disruption in their movement.

2. Bo-ra Yu and His Companions’ Journey To Goblin’s Rock

Bo-ra Yu, who was known for his bravery, was leading a group consisting of other courageous individuals including Jang Mi-Yeon, Arsus who was the heir to the Knight Kingdom.

Ethena who was a genius from the Magic Kingdom, and Aria who was an adorable swordswoman. Despite their strengths, the narrator mentions that they have already spent more than 10 days traveling to reach their destination, Goblin’s Rock.

This Hero For Real Chapter 69 Spoiler

Yu Bo-ra, who had found most of the traps using only one eye, expressed his exhaustion with a tone of weariness. During their journey, the warrior Jang Mi-yeon shared his opinion by using magic to ignite a trap, which resulted in a renegade logs attacking them.

However, Prince Arthus was able to stop the falling log with a single blow and also predicted that Choi Kang-min, who had set the trap, would return to find it already set.

3. Prince Arsus Shares Fairy Tale and Takes Charge

Prince Arsus took on the responsibility of preserving materials, while Princess Ethena, who had little experience in this area, quickly protected herself. The two warriors, the princess, and prince were arranging Arya’s wealth as a bonus, and their voices evoked memories of the past.

While observing the three moons in the night sky, Prince Arsus shares a story about how he was kidnapped by a fairy. He explains that he was able to learn how to use the materials properly because the fairy was unprepared and lacked knowledge and camping experience.

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In addition, Prince Arsus reveals that he is not a virgin and that the fairy who loved him was sentenced to servitude as a result of their relationship. A group of individuals are working together to arrange Arya’s wealth as a bonus, with Prince Arsus taking on the responsibility of preserving materials.

The story takes a turn as Prince Arsus shares his past experience with a fairy, highlighting the importance of preparedness and experience in difficult situations.

4. Uncovering Goblin Traps And Scamming Lower-Class Man

Prince Arsus quietly moves around the camp after ensuring that the two warriors are sound asleep. However, the knights, who are a significant authority in the kingdom, are unable to do the same because of the goblins. Prince Arsus notices the recent destruction and replacement of traps by the goblins, and he decides to investigate further and share his findings with the saint.

This Hero For Real Chapter 69 Spoiler

As he follows his friends, including a cool guy, a pretty girl, an astonishing guy, a mystery girl, a loud guy, and the eldest son of the knight, Prince Arsus also takes note of the strong conductivity of calcium.

Additionally, he comes across the deathbed of a big man who had scammed his way into the lower class. This discovery angers him so much that not even the false sense of protection can calm him down.

Is This Hero For Real Chapter 69 Release Date

On March 13, 2023, the much-anticipated Chapter 69 of the well-known manhwa “Is This Hero For Real” is expected to be published. The latest part of the series has been eagerly awaited by fans, who have been sharing their excitement on social media.

Is This Hero For Real Chapter 69 Time Of Release

Depending on the time zone, different chapters are released at different times. For example, the new chapter is released at 9:00 AM Pacific Time, 11:00 AM Central Time, 12:00 Noon Eastern Time, 6:00 PM British Summer Time, 2:00 AM Japan Standard Time, 2:00 AM Korea Standard Time, and 10:30 PM India Standard Time.

Recap Of Is This Hero For Real Chapter 69

The Knight’s Path and the Wizard’s Path are the two options available to students at the fantasy academy, although only those who have magical protection can pick the latter. Swordsmanship expert Kang Kangsoo aspires to become a beast magician, but his teacher misinterprets him.

The main character, Cogmoth, decides to follow the way of a common knight to stay away from conflict. On the second day of class, however, he is turned down for both paths due to his lack of magical prowess and is sent home. Human women try to court him along the way, but the closer he gets to home, the more at ease he feels.

Cogmoth, a male demon, gets insulted by a goblin wearing a fairy skull crown. Using his research, Cogmoth has built a fortified home and laboratory and has enslaved individuals to work for him. The slaves are held in a cave but are permitted to go on hunts with their masters to advance in rank.

The swordsman instructor allows Kang Hansoo to attend class after he develops a red blade on his finger since he doesn’t believe that a warrior needs protection. A fellow student offers to give Kang Hansoo some medicine after he uses it to get protection.

The instructor emphasizes that beings without God’s favor can only make use of their special powers in certain circumstances. He demonstrates this by showing a dragon tooth captured by a dragon on the continent.

Where To Read Is This Hero For Real Chapter 69?

Various websites are available where you can read Manhwa on your preferred device. These websites include legitimate platforms such as Webtoon, Kakaopage, and Tapytoons.

Anticipation For Chapter 69

Is This Hero For Real Chapter 69 has been highly anticipated by manhwa lovers all over the world. The official release date has finally been revealed after several weeks of rumors and suspense.

There is a tonne of intriguing new narrative twists and characters in this eagerly awaited edition of the series. When Chapter 68’s cliffhanger was released a few weeks ago, fans been guessing what will happen next.

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