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Is there going to be a Mad Dogs Season 2?


David Mudd

We will be sharing the final verdict on whether Mad Dogs Season 2 will ever be made, and if the show has been ditched, then what exactly went wrong. 

But before we start, have you ever been stuck in a feeling when your favorite TV or web series is completed, and you don’t know what to do with your life ahead? 

If that feeling had hit you hard in the past, then just imagine, what if you never ever get to know what finally happened in your favorite series since it left you in between?

 Wouldn’t that be very harsh to handle? We can only hope this doesn’t happen in the case of Mad Dogs Season 2.

Mad Dogs TV Series: Overview

If you have already invested some time in research for Mad Dogs Season 2, it is certain that you’re already aware of this British and American TV series. However, we are desperately waiting for the American adaptation that premiered from January 15, 2015, to January 22, 2016, for the first season.

American adaptation had a total of 10 episodes in season 1 and a total of 4 hours of watch time was added compared to the British version. Basically, both the shows are all about 4 adult friends who haven’t achieved much in life and get stuck in chaos while they are on a trip. 

While it may not have attracted a huge fan base like few viral TV/web series, it is undoubtedly a fun series. The show managed to get an above-average rating from critics and built a strong viewership in the initial release.

Mad Dogs Season 1 has a TV-MA rating, which might be inappropriate for viewers below 17 years. The show revolves around comedy, crime and drama scenes in Season 1. 

mad dogs season 2

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Mad Dogs Plot: Storyline so far

A group of friends (all are nearly 40 years old) reunite in Belize to celebrate a yet-to-retire friend’s retirement. However, things don’t really go well as they come across dark secrets, murders, and several wild events unfold. 

While they’re unable to find their yacht, they meet Swedish drug dealers during the journey. As if all this wasn’t troubling enough for the friends, a duffle bag tied to a cartel gives them another kick during their quest! 

Mad Dogs Season 2 release date: Is it cancelled?

Unfortunately, Season 2 is cancelled officially by Amazon. Since Amazon has no plans to work on Season 2, we can consider Season 1 as the dead-end for the show and keep wondering what could have happened next with the under-achieving friends.

Since the show isn’t being discussed about anymore, the popularity trend has also gone down on IMDB:

Here is one of the official statements made by Shawn Ryan from his Twitter account: 

mad dogs season 2

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Mad Dogs FAQs: We have got it answered right here:

Q1) —> Is there any hope for Mad Dogs Season 2 in the coming future?

Ans. —> Unfortunately, makers have made it official on multiple sources, Shawn Ryan (writer and maker) have made it official in his Twitter post

Q2) —> Is Mad Dogs available on Netflix too?

Ans. —> Yes, while the show was originally released on Amazon Prime Video, it is also available on Netflix.

Q3) —> Is Mad Dogs Season 2 cancelled?

Ans. —> Yes, the show is cancelled, and as of June 2021, makers are in no mood to work on Season 2.

Q4) —> How many seasons are there for Mad Dogs?

Ans. —> Since the show is discontinued after Season 1, there is only 1 Season, but the show has British and American versions.

Q5) —> At what time Mad Dogs came out?

Ans. —> Though it varies from region to region and from platform to platform, the first-ever premiere time for Season 1 was 3:00 AM ET or 12:00 AM PT on Amazon.

Q6) —> When did Mad Dogs Season 1 come out/aired?

Ans. —> Season 1 first aired on January 15, 2015 and became available on other platforms and countries/regions a few months later.

Wrapping Up

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