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Is the Series Renewed Season 2 of Safe?

Do you like dramas? If you really love to enjoy drama series then no need to go anywhere else. This is just because here is everything that you would like to know about any drama. Let’s talk about one such drama named Safe………..

Safe is nothing else but a British television drama series. This series is set in England and started filming in Manchester, Liverpool and Cheshire in July 2017. Safe has total 8 episodes which aired in total 190 countries on 10th May, 2018.


Safe reveals the semi- pulpy elements and highly crafted cliff hangers that came completely from the Coben’s mind. Also, critics show how every character appeared as sinister for the series.

The fabulous ending of the 1st Season of Safe made people more excited towards the next season. I’m sure you are one of them and have the same feeling.

Considering this excitement in mind, here is the brief detail about the 2nd Season of Safe like what actually happens in it, who are the casting characters, when will it premiere, the trailer etc. …………

If you haven’t enjoyed the previous season then no need to worry. The IMDb rating of the series is given below that may help you to know about the previous season………..

Just you have to scroll down to grasp the knowledge………….

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Safe Season 2

Safe Season 2 is a British TV drama series which is created by Harlan Coben who is a crime author. The series is written by screenwriter named Danny Brocklehurst.

Safe Season 2 is produced by Canal+. The show was aired in France by C8 and internationally outside France by Netflix. Its 1st Season was successfully liked by the viewers.

Now, I think you are eager to know what happens in it…………….

Safe Season 2: The Storyline

The Storyline of Safe Season 2 mainly focuses on an English pediatric surgeon named Tom Delaney (Hall). He is a widowed father of 2 teenage girls. Tom tries to connect with his daughters just because they grieve due to the loss of their mom. Their mother died from cancer before 1 year.


Tom finishes up web of secrets when his 16 years old daughter, Jenny goes missing in a party. He searches his daughter everywhere. The 1st two episodes are packed tightly with some clues and hints.

But after sometime, it was found that Jenny’s boyfriend was dead in the pool where the party was held. The host of the party tried to hide this but was not successful. Jenny wants to find the truth as her mother used the diary which she gave her on her deathbed.

Jenny didn’t tell this to her father and finally decides to live away and get kidnapped. Tom and a detective tied to rescue her and she is reunited by her father.

The whole story of the 2nd Season of Safe is very interesting with number of twists.

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Safe Season 2: The Casting Characters

Characters are the one that can make the series heart touching and demanding for all the viewers. So for Season 2, the names of the casting characters are as follow:

  • Michael C. Hall as Tom Delaney, a surgeon
  • Amy James-Kelly as Jenny Delaney, elder daughter of Tom and girlfriend of Chris
  • Isabelle Allen as Carrie Delaney, younger daughter of Tom
  • Marc Warren as Pete Mayfield, Doctor and best friend of Tom
  • Hannah Arterton as Emma Castle, Detective Constable
  • Amanda Abbington as Sophie Mason, Tom’s girlfriend and neighbor
  • Emmett J. Scanlan as Josh Mason, Sophie’s ex-husband
  • India Fowler as Ellen Mason, daughter of Sophie
  • Louis Greatorex as Henry Mason, son of Sophie
  • Freddie Thorp as Chris Chahal, boyfriend of Jenny
  • Audrey Fleurot as Zoé Chahal, mother of Chris
  • Joplin Sibtain as Neil Chahal, husband of Zoé
  • Imogen Gurney as Tilly Chahal, daughter of Zoé and Neil
  • Amy-Leigh Hickman as Sia Marshall
  • Nigel Lindsay as Jojo Marshall
  • Laila Rouass as Lauren Marshall
  • Milo Twomey as Archie “Bobby” Roberts
  • Hero Fiennes-Tiffin as Ioan Fuller
  • Karen Bryson as Helen Crowthorne

Safe Season 2: The Upcoming Date

At present, the series (Safe) hasn’t been renewed or cancelled for the 2nd Season. No fix premiere date for Safe Season 2 is out yet.


So, all the fans (including me) have to wait for any official statement regarding the premiere of the 2nd Season of Safe. Stay tuned with us, I will surely update this as soon as I will get any official news………..

Let’s hope for any miracle that will premiere the 2nd Season…………..

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Safe Season 2: The Trailer

As there is no fix date for the coming of the 2nd Season of Safe, therefore there is no official trailer of the 2nd Season right now. But if you haven’t enjoyed the 1st Season of the series then here is the trailer:

Safe: The IMDb Rating

The IMDb Rating of Safe is 7.3 out of 10 with good votes (32, 879).



Safe Season 2 is one of the best television drama series which is based on the story of Tom and his daughters. But when will it premiere…….which is one of the most asked questions of the fans……….

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