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Is the American animated movie- The Nightmare Before Christmas 2 Will Ever Be Back?

Don’t panic and get confused for – The Nightmare Before Christmas 2. Because for your convenience, we have mentioned all the information relating to it that you are searching for.

Apart from it, we have taken care of all your agitating doubts and tried to answer all of them in this article. So, keep reading till the end.

Let’s get started:

The Nightmare Before Christmas 2:

The Nightmare Before Christmas is an American animated musical and dark fantasy film which was directed by Henry Selick and formulated and produced by Tim Burton.

The film was launched on 29th October 1993 and it was originated from a poem written by Tim Burton in 1982. At that time he was employed as an animator at Disney Productions. Burton also produced Vincent in the same year which was very successful.

Burton wants to make this a short film so he made a contract with Walt Disney Studios and started production of The Nightmare Before Christmas in San Francisco in the month of July 1991.

Despite being a short film of 76 minutes, The Nightmare Before Christmas earned $91.5 million in the beginning with an overall budget of $18 million. 

The sequel of The Nightmare Before Christmas will be made in the form of a book….

Well, you read right… the makers have planned to come up with a sequel in the structure of the book. It has been disclosed that Disney will publish a book that will continue The Nightmare Before Christmas film.

This new book will act as the original sequel of the 1993 movie, but this time from Sally’s point of view. Disney Publications has hired an author to continue the world from The Nightmare Before Christmas. And the sequel will pick up with Jack skellington and Sally, who are a married couple now.

Currently, the book does not have a title but it is expected to release in 2022 in the month of July. So, stay tuned with the website so that you can know the title once the makers release the same. As we will edit the section for you.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Voice Cast

This time the makers are creating the show’s sequel in the form of a book. But lastly, it was disturbed in this form. The movie has animated characters and a voice cast that worked beautifully to make it a demanding movie. So, to make you aware of the voice cast, we have mentioned a list that will definitely worth it for you.

Check the list and let us know in the comment section which is your favorite:

  • Chris Sarandon as Jack Skellington (Jack is a skeleton known as “Pumpkin King” of the Halloween Town. Also he owns a ghost dog whose name is Zero)
  • Catherine O’Hara as Sally (Sally is a scare-crow like the creation of Franklstein. She is a toxicologist and uses various types of poison to free herself from the capture of Franklstein. Also, she was Jack’s love interest)
  • William Hickey as Doctor Franklstein (he is a mad scientist and the father of Sally)
  • Glenn Shadix as the Mayor of Halloween Town (he conducts all the meetings in the town)
  • Ken Page as Oogie Boogie (he is a vicious Boogeyman in Halloween town)
  • Ed Ivory as Santa Claus (the ruler of the Christmas Town)
  • Paul Reubens as Lock (worker of Oogie Boogie)
  • Frank Welker as Zero (zero is the dog of Jack)

This is a list of the leading voice artist of the show.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas 2: Story Line

Although it is in the form of a book, the excitement for knowing the next storyline would be the same. Isn’t it? Don’t worry… We have shared a description of it so that you can get a glance at the plot.

The Night Before Christmas

This new YA book will be written from the point of view of Sally. The book will be a love story of Jack and his wife Sally. But it is also a coming story for Sally as she will be seen with her new royal title of Pumpkin Queen of the Halloween town, as her husband Jack is the Pumpkin King of the town. This book will be loved by readers and hopefully, it will give fans a long-awaited second overdose of the characters of Halloween Town.

This book will help readers to explore Sally’s identity by explaining who she is now, how she’s fallen in love with Jack, how she became Pumpkin Queen, and how her past affected her present dreams and desires. What is she afraid of? How much risk she is taking to save her loved ones? How does a ragdoll want her life to be?

All these questions would be answered in the sequel of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: What were the audience reaction and the ratings?

The Nightmare Before Christmas received a productive response from the viewers and managed to earn $91.5 million in the beginning only. The film was rated as 8/10 by IMDb, 5/5 by Common Sense Media, and 95% by Rotten Tomatoes.

Don’t you think, ratings call for streaming the movie if you haven’t watched it. The audience well-appreciated the film and thus anticipating the second installment.

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Where you can watch The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Numerous platforms are available on which you can binge the series. You can choose any of them considering your budget and convenience. Some of the well-known platforms where you can watch The Nightmare Before Christmas are Amazon Prime and Disney Plus Hotstar.

Final Note:

The Nightmare Before Christmas 2 will not be in the form of the movie but it is structured in a book. This news leaves us with mixed feelings. We know all the fans were expecting the film not the book. But we can’t say anything about why the makers decided for going for the sequel in the form of a book. As nothing much is disclosed by them. At the same time, it also a sigh of relief for the fans that will be further installment to entertain them.

Once the makers disclose the title, we will update the article for you. So that you can check it later on, once it gets released. Till then, for any suggestion and doubt, connect with us by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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