Is Starbucks Open On New Year’s Day?



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Get your party hat on because it’s time to greet 2023 and wave goodbye to 2022 with a bevy of New Year’s wishes.

It’s time to put aside the fancy dishes, make a few commitments, and get ready for what lies ahead now that the Christmas holiday has passed and finally, done with goodies and evening meals for another year, hahaha.

It’s never a critical situation for a sip of your favorite brew, whether you’re wondering how long to keep the tree up or starting 2023 with a day of retail therapy.

You’ll need to be aware of Starbucks‘ New Year’s hours if your plans for the holiday include stopping at a drive-through or a store to get a specialty brew.

And, if we’re being technical, next year’s Starbucks hours, despite the fact that they’re just one day apart.

We contacted Starbucks to save you time, and here’s everything you ought to know well about the coffee shop’s New Year’s Eve hours.

Is Starbucks Open On New Year's Day?

Starbucks’s New Year’s Eve Hours In 2022

This year, New Year’s Eve falls on a Saturday, December 31.

Have you got any intentions to re-watch “Avatar: The Way of Water“? or observing the ball drop with your closest friends to mark the occasion?

It doesn’t hurt to have a little extra caffeine when you are Auld-Lang-Syne-ing.

A spokeswoman for Starbucks claims that each of its more than 33,000 locations runs “depending on the needs of their business and neighborhood.”

As a result, even though many establishments will be open on New Year’s Eve, you’ll need to check the Starbucks app or store locator to learn exactly when (and whether) your preferred Starbucks will be open on the occasion.

The Starbucks spokesman assures us that “the Starbucks app remains to be the ideal option for customers to access a store, verify opening hours, order ahead, and pay.”

Is Starbucks Open On New Year's Day?

Starbucks’ Hours On January 1, 2023

As with New Year’s Eve and other holidays, New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday this year and has different Starbucks hours.

Adding an extra dose of caffeine to assist kickstart the first day of the new year may be just what the doctor ordered, depending on how many New Year’s beverages you have in the last hours of 2022.

New Year’s Day Starbucks shop and drive-thru hours differ by location, according to a Starbucks spokeswoman, and stores occasionally change their hours based on business and customer demands.

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