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Is Stacy Arthur Really Dead? Everything About the Great Mystery of Playboy Model

Stacy Arthur was one of the most known subjects of the 90s. She was a model who reminds in the news because of several things. People are wondering whether the model is dead or not the question regarding her death has always emerged on the news. It’s not the first time questions regarding her death emerged on the news. The news reminds me of one of the most asked subjects on the internet. 

Recently, The Playboy Murders Episode 2, “All That Glitters,” was released on the screen and fans of the series were wondering about the future of the show, the show makers of the show has put out some the bold statement for the people to look for and there is no wonder that fans have high expectation with the series.

Well, as soon as the show was released, it brought out the question regarding the future of the show.. The show maker shaved one thigh to look for and the aunt finds it hard to believe the matter. 

The show brings more interest to the people regarding the matter that happened years ago. The internet seemed to have more interest in the topic. The series put questions on the life of the models and the industry and it forced people to think about the complication of the matter. 

The Playboy Murders Episode 2 “All That Glitters”:

The playboy Murders is finally out. The fans of the series and the watchers are eagerly wondering about the future of the show. They are excited to learn what is exactly going to happen with the series. As the show makers have officially confirmed the release of the six episodes, fans are excited to learn about it. 

The executive producer of the show is Holly Madison, a former male model & ex-girlfriend of mag creator Hugh Hefner. As the officials have already released the statement regarding the show, the reports read that the sixth episode of the show is likely to tell the stories of Stacy Arthur, Carole Gold, & Christine Carlin-Kraft.

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The fiscal synopsis of the show reads, “ After taking the pageant world by storm, a playboy cover model gets up close and personal with fans on the phone — too close. As she competes for a playmate of the year, an obsessive fan goes a step too far, and her entire world comes crashing down.”

However, fans are more inclined toward the story of Stacy, who has been one of the hottest topics among people for  a long time. The personality has remained on the news for a while. The topic of her emerged on the news over time and fans are really curious to know what exactly happens. Continue reading the article to find out more about her. 

Stacy Arthur: Who Was She?

Born on June 4, 1968, in Naperville, Illinois, Stacy Leigh Arthur was a model. Since she was young, she posses a passion of modeling. Because of this, she steps into the industry and works hard to achieve great heights.  As she was interested in modeling, her interest took her to take participation in the 1990 Mrs. America contest, where she won the title of Mrs. Ohio. 

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Later, she married James Alan Arthur. However, there is no fixed date revealed for their marriage and there is limited information revealed about these two. Fans don’t know how they met and how long they dated. By 1990, she already had a kid with him. She started working for Playboy Magazine, she won the Playmate of the month title in January 1991.

As per the latest reports, she was also available on Playboy’s 900 calling service which allows people to talk to her. Because Of that, she made $3 per minute for attending calls. Everything was going fine until she attended the call from James Lindberg. She never knew that this could have changed her life and could lead her husband to die.  

Is Stacy Arthur Dead?

Many reports suggested the death of Stacey Arthur. Stacy Arthur, the well-known model Playboy who remained in the news because of her husband’s death, has always dreamt of becoming a model. According to several media reports, the model died on April 5, 2019. The Trading Card Database confirmed that she died at the age of 50.

The recently released show which features the life of Stacy also confirmed her death in 2019. Not only this but the IMDb page also suggests that the model has died. However, besides these platforms, no other source confirmed her death. Since she was such a great model and people know everything about her, no media has covered the topic. 

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If she has died, there must be some news regarding it. This created a huge confusion among the fans and the viewers who questioned the death of the model. 

Many people still believe that this might be a mistake and others say that there is high chance of her being alive. The program never confirmed the reason behind her death. They just said that she died because of a short illness but there is no slide proof of what kind of illness she was suffering from. 

After the suit against Playboy was known, she disappeared from the eyes of people. She was completely away from the news and the limelight. This urges people to wonder about her. Many people wondered about her death and people were already curious about her. 

She put allegations about Playboy and the staff members and told the media that the staff members of playboy raped her. The news started between October 1991 and February 1992. In October 1991, the media reported the news regarding her husband being shot and dying on the spot.  

Stacy Arthur’s Rape Allegations: What were they?

In 21992, she appeared on a television show where she revealed the rape allegation on playboy and its staff members. She filed a lawsuit against Playboy and its staff members for $70 million. According to the allegation made by her, she said that the two Guards and one Butler of the company drugged her and sexually abused her in the Playboy mention of Los Angeles.

On the other hand, the accused emphasized her and told the code that everything happens with her consent and she was completely on her senses. This created a huge Chaos among the people who were looking at the matter. The media was filled with the news regarding Stacy; everyone wanted to know what exactly happens.

After the allegation made by her became public, people started to wonder about it. This feather makes the company, Playboy, fire her from the position. 

You may also like: It was never revealed what exactly happened to the matter. Nobody was able to make a serious statement on the case since there were differences in Stacy’s story. This emerges as a high possibility of a lot of things happening but the police fail to conclude the case.

 There were no final results of the case and people started to wonder what exactly happened afterward. We already know that Playboy is extreme when it comes to sexual cases and the company has already fired 3 members for having sex during office hours.

Also, the death of her husband revealed a lot of things. Speaking on the matter, one person said, “That guy is from my hometown. I was lured here as a minor during this crap. I don’t know who he is. Small town. I knew most people but his age is up near my parents at the time. No kids from our only hs with the name either. I don’t know if they just moved to the woodland or just didn’t have any younger kids or another family. Odd to me.”

Another person said, “I knew Stacy long before any of this. She was still in h.s. when I first met her. Stacy’s first husband (also a “Jim”) was close to my family, and they were my neighbors during the period when she played the self-righteous Christian hypocrite while having an affair with Jim Arthur.

There is more to this story than this video even begins to tell. We’ve kept quiet about it all these years out of respect for Jimmy T’s parents, and so as not to distress Jimmy & Stacy’s daughter, but it burns me that nobody knows the whole truth.

I’m sure you thought Stacy was a complete angel because she was always adept at manipulating men by playing sweet & innocent, but the Stacy I knew was not a nice person. Maybe after all these years, she’s changed for the better. For her kids’ sake, I hope so.”

Now we don’t know whether these statements made by the people are true or not but we do know that people are wondering about the death of the former Playboy model.

 There is no feather information regarding her, but if there is anything, I will let you know. Do you enjoy reading such articles? If you are one of those who love to read about entertainment, follow our official website trending news Buzz and get all the latest updates about the coming events. share this article with someone and let them know about it.

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