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Is Sister Jean Still Alive? Meet Sister Jean, Loyola Ball’s 103-Year-Old Pastor!

Gets Back to College Basketball!

Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, the group clergyman for Loyola-Chicago, launch to notoriety during the Drifters' surprising hurry to the Last Four back in 2018. The then 98-year-old went to each game, praising her group's consecutive bombshell wins from her wheelchair.

We've made the group pastor for Loyola-Chicago a privileged Southerner. Today, America's number one religious recluse was back where she should be: sitting court-side at the NCAA Men's Ball Competition.

Yet again on Wednesday, 102-year-old Sister Jean showed up in Pittsburgh to support Loyola. She was there this evening, wearing her letter coat and mark maroon-and-yellow scarf, as her 10th cultivated young men took on seventh-cultivated Ohio State.

Sister Jean shared her exploring report on the Buckeyes when she asked with the group before their last pre-game warmup. She likewise conveyed one of her unique motivational speeches.

“I generally let them know this, I let them know they have to play with their brain and their heart and their hands and their feet,” she told USA Today. “They say, ‘Sister Jean, why our feet?' Because you have to get those quick breaks and simply go!”

She was sure about her group this year — so certain, she made them make the First class Eight. Sadly, Loyola lost to Ohio 41 – 54.

is sister jean still alive

Sister Jean, who has filled in as the group's cleric beginning around 1994, tended to her unlikely big name in an interview with the Chicago Tribune this week.

“Individuals shared with me, ‘Is this going to your head?' No, it won't my head. I simply attempt constantly to satisfy individuals, to be content myself.

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Also, in the event that I make individuals cheerful and it's great for my assemblage what I do, and really great for Loyola what I do, I'll do it,” she told the paper. “I have loads of good times doing what I do, and that fulfills me.”

You unquestionably fulfill us, Sister Jean!

Does Sister Jean Accuse of Death Fabrication?

As of late, reports have been coursing that Sister Jean has been the survivor of a passing fabrication. In any case, is there any reality to these tales?

Jean is a well known figure beyond the college, having shown up on public television and on paper media.

In spite of her popularity, the bits of hearsay that Sister Jean has been the survivor of a passing lie have been coursing since mid-2020.

is sister jean still alive


The tales began with a tweet from a phony Twitter account guaranteeing that Sister Jean had passed on. The tweet was immediately exposed, as the record had been made only days before the tweet was sent.

All in all, is there any reality to these bits of gossip? In no way, shape or form. Sister Jean is alive and well and keeps on being a cherished figure inside the Loyola people group.

She has even been highlighted in a new ad for the college's b-ball group, demonstrating that she is still a lot of a piece of the college's way of life.

So, the gossipy tidbits about Sister Jean's passing are totally bogus. There is no reality to the reports that she has been the survivor of a passing trick.

Does Sister Jean Have Any Diseases?

The response is: we don't have the foggiest idea. Sister Jean has never openly discussed her wellbeing.

It is basically impossible to be aware without a doubt in the event that she has any diseases or not. That being said, almost certainly, Sister Jean disapproves old enough related wellbeing concerns.

As she has progressed in years, she might have fostered specific afflictions that accompany age.

is sister jean still alive

Regardless of her age, Sister Jean is still dynamic and keeps on being an essential piece of the Loyola-Chicago Drifters. She goes to each home game, and she additionally goes to a few away games.

She is additionally dynamic locally, going to occasions and addressing different gatherings.

Obviously Sister Jean is a dynamic and lively individual, and her age doesn't appear to be dialing her back.

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Notwithstanding, almost certainly, she has some age-related wellbeing concerns. Regardless of this, she keeps on being a functioning and rousing figure in the Loyola-Chicago Drifters people group.

Does Sister Jean Face Any Mishaps?

The short response is no. Sister Jean is a cherished figure in the games world and is very much safeguarded by the college and the group.

She has been with the group starting around 1994 and is notable for her pre-game supplications and her enduring help for the group.

Jean is constantly joined by a college delegate or group work force while going to games or different occasions. This guarantees her security and prosperity.

Moreover, she is constantly encircled by a gathering of fans and allies, giving her an additional layer of insurance.

Regardless of her age and wellbeing, Sister Jean is a strong lady not set in stone to keep on rooting for the group.

is sister jean still alive

Sister Jean's Virtual Entertainment Notoriety

Sister Jean has turned into a global sensation on account of her recently discovered acclaim via virtual entertainment.

From that point forward, Sister Jean's online entertainment presence has just developed. She has her own Twitter account, which has north of 130,000 followers, and a Facebook page with nearly 20,000 followers.

Notwithstanding her own records, she has been highlighted in endless posts from the Loyola men's ball group, the college, and different enthusiasts of the group.

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Sister Jean has likewise been highlighted in public news sources, for example, ESPN, Sports Outlined, and The New York Times.

She has been interviewed by endless news sources and has even been highlighted in a business for the NCAA competition.

Jean's newly discovered distinction has been a gift for the college and its men's b-ball group.

She has turned into an honest image, mental fortitude, and assurance, and her messages of trust have resounded with fans all over the planet.

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