Is Shay Mitchell Gay: Dropping Hints And Rejecting Labels Of S*xuality!


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Is Shay Mitchell Gay? Is she bis*xual? Why does she keep dropping so many hints? Is Shay attracted to women? How has the role of the queer character in her acting career affected her? Shay keeps inspiring her fans and promoting acceptance and diversity in the entertainment industry through her openness and authenticity. Know about Shay’s preferences, love life, and more.

What Do We Know About Shay’s S*xual Preference?

Shay Mitchell’s s*xuality is not clear. She has been dating Matte since 2017 and even has kids with him. Still, Shay keeps dropping hints that she is bis*xual. People are confused and curious to know about her preferences. But she doesn’t want to be put in a box when it comes to her s*xual preference. There are some of the hints she has been dropping since ever.

Shay Mitchell Hints at Bis*xuality in TikTok Video

Shay Mitchell, who is famous for her roles in Pretty Little Liars and You, hinted at her bis*xuality in a TikTok video. In the video, she sang a duet that asked, “If you identify as bis*xual… do you own a green velvet couch?” Shay says nothing in the video, but she deliberately collapses onto a green velvet couch. Fans speculated that she was sending a not-so-subtle message.

A fan asked Shay if she was implying what they thought she was in her TikTok video. Another was surprised at not having known about it earlier. The Human Rights Campaign also commented on the post with heart emojis that were the same colors as the bis*xual flag. This TikTok video was not the first instance where Mitchell hinted at her queer personality.

Shay Mitchell Rejects Labels On Her S*xuality

Shay admits that many people have asked her if she is gay in her personal life. People want to know if she only plays a character who identifies as LGBT on television or not. Mitchell perfectly replies to these in the lingo of her Pretty Little Liars character.

Is Shay Mitchell Gay

Mitchell stressed that labels are unnecessary. She feels s*xuality can be complicated. She said that her identity does not change depending on who she is in love with. And we can all agree with this response. Along with curiosity over her s*xuality, Mitchell has frequently been asked about her experience kissing a girl for the show. Mitchell responded to this by saying that it was no different than kissing a guy.

Shay Mitchell Opens Up About Her Attraction to Women In  YouTube Video

Shay Mitchell, who has appeared on popular TV shows like Dollface, discussed her attraction to people. She made a new YouTube video, with her friend and former co-star Ian Harding in 2020 during the holiday break, to build gingerbread houses, drink festive cocktails, and answer some personal questions.

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During their conversation, they shared their deepest fears, played a game of Marry, F**k, Kill, and talked about their feelings for women. For her, it has never been a matter of needing to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Is Shay Mitchell Gay

Shay revealed that she enjoyed playing queer characters, Emily in Pretty Little Liars and Peach in YOU ( with a long cast list). She expressed her fondness for it by saying that she liked the fact that she played Emily. She liked the fact that she played Peach. She also disclosed her preference for women over men. Shay mentioned that she finds women more intriguing than men.

Who Is Shay Dating Now?

The ex-star of Pretty Little Liars, Shay Mitchell, has been dating Matte since January 2017. In October 2019, they had a daughter together named Atlas, indicating their strong commitment to each other and their family. But, despite this commitment, Mitchell and Matte are not currently focused on getting married.

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She explained that she had a child before marrying. She’s not sure if marriage is in the cards for her and Matte. Shay believes that flexibility in a relationship helps it to remain exciting and alluring. Where Mitchell is a superrich superstar Matte is a collaborator of Drake’s DreamCrew. But the specific nature of his work is not clear. They have just welcomed Rome their second child in May 2022.


Shay Mitchell, a Canadian actress, and model became famous and rich after the hit television series Pretty Little Liars as Emily Fields. Mitchell’s s*xuality is a topic of debate. She believes that love is love. She feels a person is attracted to the soul of another. Love does not understand gender or s*xual orientation.

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