Is Rodrigo Reis Gay And Who Is He Dating? It Might Shock You!



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With his Celebrity MasterChef 2021 star lover, Rodrigo Reis is enjoying life.

This handsome Brazilian dude is in love with Blue star Duncan James.

Who Is Rodrigo Reis?


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Rodrigo describes himself as a “Brazilian polyglot living & working in Belgium for 5yrs now” on his Instagram account.

“Into healthy food, fitness, and all things beneficial for the mind, body, and spirit,” he declares.

Rodrigo obviously knows his way around a gym and is no stranger to a mirror selfie, according to his Instagram page.

In Belgium, Rodrigo ran into Blue star Duncan James.

Who Is Rodrigo Reis Dating?

Back in 2019, Duncan and Rodrigo became a couple.

When Duncan didn’t meet anyone while appearing as a single man looking for love on First Dates Hotel in 2019, he did meet Rodrigo soon after.

Belgian-based When Blue was on tour, Rodrigo went to one of their after-parties, and the two got along well.

When they first met, Rodrigo admitted he was unaware that Duncan was a Blue sensation, stating, “In Brazil, where I’m from, they’re not so famous.”


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When Did Duncan James Reveal that He Was Gay?

In 2009, Duncan first came out as bisexual, but in 2017, he also said he was gay.

James originally came out as gay to Simon Webbe, a bandmate, in 2012.

Additionally, Duncan claimed that he came out to former Spice Girl and girlfriend Geri Horner.

Coming from a boyband, where there are many female fans, Duncan admitted to Loose Women that it was difficult for him to come out.

“The record label was putting a lot of pressure on me, and I didn’t want to disappoint the boys, so I kept my lips quiet.”

is Rodrigo Reis gay who is he dating

How Many Children Do They Have?

There are no children born to Rodrigo and Duncan’s union.

However, Duncan and his ex-girlfriend Claire Grainger share parental responsibility for their daughter, Tianie-Finn James. 2005 was the year she was born.

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