Is Rob Lowe Gay? Is It Just a Rumor? Truth Explained!


Saloni Singh

On the off chance that you need an obvious illustration of an actor with tremendous fortitude, look no further than Rob Lowe. Rob Lowe shot to fame quite a long time back in a large number of various motion pictures as a young man, most remarkably in films like “The Untouchables,” “St. Elmo’s Fire,” “Oxford Blues” and the sky is the limit from there.

After somewhat of a career obstacle in the early 1990s, he recovered everything that he once had and added satire to his collection in films like “Wayne’s Reality” and “Austin Powers: The Government operative Who Shagged Me.” He’s been married to a similar lady beginning around 1991 and has two children, yet that hasn’t prevented the gay reports from twirling around him for nearly for however long he’s been in the public eye.

There are seven critical reasons specifically why you actually hear gay reports about Rob Lowe right up to the present day. We’ll walk you through a few essential socioeconomics about Rob Lowe and afterward continue on toward the causes behind the gay reports.

1988- The Gay Era!

In the event that Rob Lowe rose to fame during the early 1980s, he shot to disgrace in 1988 when a s*x tape was released of him in bed with two ladies. One was 22 years of age at that point, however the other was 16. He had met the two of them in a club in Georgia while lobbying for Michael Dukakis.

His connecting with two ladies may at first not naturally fit individuals suspecting Rob Lowe is gay, for this situation it’s especially related. The reasons are bifurcated:

The actual tape was over and again displayed again and again at numerous gay bars portraying an obscured rendition of the hookup, set up with a good soundtrack and packed with an outline of what gave off an impression of being a humongous ding dong with respect to one Rob Lowe.

is rob lowe gay

Because the tape straightforwardly prompted Rob Lowe being viewed as a ravenous man-prostitute, gay bits of hearsay all enveloped with wishful reasoning started to whirl.

Bis*xual reports began to manifest too.

Rob Lowe gave an interview in 2014 where he discusses the whole occurrence. If you have any desire to see the tape, you can probably think that it is on the web. Just Google it.

He’s Kissed Men On Screen!

Similarly as with any actor, Rob Lowe has demonstrated over and over that he will do just about anything assuming that the part requires it. It’s important for what being a devoted actor is about.

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For Lowe’s situation, being a committed actor has likewise involved an infamous “gay kiss” by which he kissed a man on screen. During a visitor featuring job on the hit television series “Californication,” his gay person lip locked with one of the co-superstars, Evan Overseer. See video above. It’s beginnings around 3:10 minutes in.

He’s Gotten Serious About Kissing Men!

Discussing “Californication,” one more motivation behind why gay reports twirl about Rob Lowe needs to don’t just with the way that he will kiss men on screen, however what he says regarding the demonstration when it’s finished.

In the journal that he released a couple of years prior, “Love Life,” Rob Lowe explicitly discussed kissing Evan Overseer and how that affected him. Lowe said that he kissed Evan “with heartfelt aim” and that he “liked and appreciated him definitely.”

He’s Ok With His Gay Fans!

Once in a while when an actor fosters a major following among individuals from the gay local area, he will evade that sort of consideration for his female fans.

Rob Lowe is not one of those individuals. He has consistently made a special effort to set aside a few minutes for his gay fans all through his career, especially when he was as yet a promising young actor and an individual from the “Whelp Pack” during the early 1980s.

is rob lowe gay

He’s Been Married to the Same Person for Quite a Long Time!

Another justification for why individuals will generally feel that Rob Lowe is gay has to do with the way that he has had a similar spouse beginning around 1991. This is a typical peculiarity among actors that individuals believe are carrying on with a closeted way of life.

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At the point when the man in the situation is perhaps of the most alluring man on the planet and the lady isn’t exactly up to similar guidelines, bits of hearsay will generally whirl in the near future especially when we talk about the  release of Unstable !

For one more illustration of this hypothesis in real life, look no farther than current Wolverine star and music singing sensation, Hugh Jackman.

Is Rob Lowe Gay?

Rob Lowe is not gay, and he has a straight s*xual direction. Many began to address whether he was gay after a video of him embracing two young ladies — one of whom was just 16 years of age — became a web sensation. In any case? Men’s Assortment noticed that the bits of hearsay began because such countless gay clubs kept on playing Lowe’s s*x tape. Following that, many individuals started to scrutinize Lowe’s s*xual direction.

Alongside the s*x tape, Lowe, who is 58, has kissed numerous men on-screen. He went on by saying that he wouldn’t fret men kissing him. On the television series Californication, Evan Overseer, who depicted an alternate person, was kissed by Lowe’s personality.

Rob Lowe Celebrates 31 Years of Balance and 30 Years of Marriage on ‘Ellen’!

It’s a major month for Rob Lowe! At the point when the actor, 57, visitor facilitated “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on May 21, he imparted to the crowd that he’s been celebrating two significant achievements. Last week, he stamped “31 years liquor and medication free,” he said, kidding that his balance is “pretty amazing considering quite a while back, I was getting liquor and medications free of charge.”

He proceeded, discourse style, with another humdinger: “Assuming that somebody you know is battling with any sort of fixation, I’m here to let you know that there is trust. Definitely so — and so, on the off chance that you don’t have a drinking problem, kindly beginning drinking at present, because I will appear to be much more entertaining.”

is rob lowe gay

Rob Lowe’s Sibling Chad!

Another of the most unmistakable justifications for why individuals will generally believe that Rob Lowe is gay has to do with his sibling, Chad. Chad Lowe is additionally an actor who was previously married to Hilary Fancy, the Foundation Grant winning entertainer from hit films like “Young men Don’t Cry,” for around a decade beginning in 1997.

Chad happens to be one of those actors who individuals will generally believe is carrying on with a closeted gay way of life, which is something that is frequently given to Rob simultaneously.

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The bits of gossip encompassing Chad originate from many various factors, like the way that he’s played various gay characters all through his career and the way that he’s a particularly confidential person who has had a few marriages and separations in a moderately brief timeframe.


Gay tales encompassing Rob Lowe began some time ago when, after stories started to spill out of his center gathering in regards to the jokes that these young actors ultimately depended on at whatever point the sun went down.

At the point when you hang out and party with Charlie Sheen on a daily basis, you can’t be surprised when individuals begin to talk (and surmise) about what you really do in bed.

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