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Is Re:Zero Release Date Delayed Or Cancelled? Here Are All The Details


David Mudd

Re:Zero – Starting Life In Another World is quite a popular anime nowadays among fans of the genre. The show’s first season debuted back in 2016 with 25 episodes. These 25 episodes cover the first 9 volumes of Tappei Nagatsuki’s light novel series of the same title.

When Is Re:Zero Season 2 Coming?

So, well-received anime series, decent fan-following and overall success in both Japan and in the West. Naturally, everyone’s going to expect a second season, right? If you’re a fan of the show, fret not. Re:Zero is getting a second season. It’s going to come out in July 2020, so you’ll have new episodes soon enough.

However, it does beg the question – Why is Re:Zero Season 2 going to take so long to come out? After all, Season 1 came out four years ago, now. That’s a long, long wait for fans of the show.

Re Zero

Re:Zero Fans Did Get Some OVAs

They did release some OVAs in the meantime, though. The first of these OVAs is titled Re:Zero – Starting Life In Another World – Memory Snow, and the second one’s called The Frozen Bond. Both of these should’ve helped tide over the fans until Season 2. They’re not a replacement for a proper Season 2, though.

Kadokawa producer Sho Tanaka, White Fox producer Tsunaki Yoshikawa and Kadokawa MF Bunko J magazine editor Masahito Ikemoto all sat down for an interview during Memory Snow’s home video release where they explained the reasons behind the delay. And the reason is quite simple, they were tired. They also explained that the show took some time to pick up steam.

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Creative Exhaustion, Coronavirus Delayed Re:Zero Season 2

In a translated interview on Reddit, which also have up on their site, they said the following: “It’s a story that no one thought would be a big enough hit to make a sequel, aside from the people working directly on it…After the TV series ended, and we started to see the numbers, a lot of people started to claim ‘I thought from the start that it would sell.’, and it was a truly refreshing turn of events.”

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They were also creatively spent after making Season 1. “After producing all 25 episodes of the main story, it’s true that we were pretty exhausted. We were in a state where we didn’t want to think about Re:Zero for a little while,” said Yoshikawa.

All is well now, though. Season 2 is on its way. It would’ve been here already, but the coronavirus pandemic has pushed it back a few months.