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Is Randy Jackson Gay? What Do We Know So Far About Him?

Well, fans of Randy Jackson who would like to know, is Randy Jackson Gay? Can read out this article to get to know more about him. Randy Jackson is an American musician, singer, record producer, and entrepreneur and television personality.

Here you will get to know about Randy Jackson age, height and many more details that we know so far.

If you guys are also want to know Is Randy Jackson Gay or not? Then read out further.

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Who is Randy Jackson?

Randy Jackson is one of the most versatile singers and he was also the judge of numerous reality shows, you guys must have seen him as the judge on the American Idol show for very long time.

In 2021, he was also appeared in the Name that Tunes as its bandleader and it was the reboot version of Fox where Jane Krakowski and the host accompanied him. Randy has gained so much popularity, fans were showed so much curiosity in his personal life and sexuality nowadays.

Is Randy Jackson Gay?

Did Randy does anything which proved him to be gay? No, all these are just rumours. Unlike other celebrities such as Woody Harrellson and David Spade, Jackson is also misunderstood as gay. There is some group of people who usually spread fake news about the life of several celebrities.

The bad part of such news is that few people actually believes in such fake news. Rady didn’t spoke about such false news and also about his sexuality in public. He also did not label himself as homosexual.

If we look at his life and know that he was once married to very beautiful lady and later dated another pretty woman, so it will be disrespectful to think that he is a gay.

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What is the Love Life of Randy Jackson?

The first lady with him he was in a serious relationship was Elizabeth Jackson who is a songwriter and singer. The duo was married soon after getting into a relationship. Then the couple together have a beautiful daughter named Taylor. Unfortunately in 1990, they finished everything between them.

Moreover, he didn’t wait longer after his divorce and instantly got married to Erika Riker. This couple had an amazing married life until 2014. In 2014, Erika demanded for divorce and they finally split in 2019 after almost 18 years of their marriage. This couple together has one son and daughter and their names were Jordan and Zoe respectively.

After a separation from Erika, the singer was seen with a charming young woman known as Simone and she is also a professional singer like Jackson.

In 2019, when they began dating Simone’s age was 27 years and Jackson’s age was 62 years old. The pair was appeared in many places. They were also captured together in an art gallery situated in Los Angeles for the first time.

Conclusion –

From this we can conclude that Randy Jackson is not gay and homosexual. Randy Jackson is an outstanding singer from music reality show and he is praised worldwide for his mesmerizing voice. Unfortunately he is criticized for some fake claims like he is a gay.

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