Is Radio Still Alive? Who Motivated the Film ‘Radio,’ Bites the Dust at 72!


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Cuba Gooding Jr. played Mr. Kennedy (Radio) in the film, which chronicled his kinship with a secondary school football trainer in South Carolina.

James R. Kennedy, a man with formative disabilities who turned into a recognizable and darling presence uninvolved during a South Carolina secondary school’s football match-ups, motivating the 2003 film “Radio,” passed on Sunday in Anderson, S.C. He was 72.

His demise was affirmed by T.L. Hanna Secondary School, in Anderson District, where Mr. Kennedy went to games for a really long time. The cause was not determined. A nearby memorial service home notification said he passed on in a hospice office.

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Mr. Kennedy firing appearing on T.L. Hanna’s football field during the 1960s and turned into a basic piece of the school, Sheila Hilton, a previous head there, said in a post on the school’s site.

As a youngster, she said, Mr. Kennedy could scarcely talk, couldn’t read or compose and conveyed a transistor radio — the beginning of his moniker, Radio.

“He turned into an installation at football works on, standing inactively and watching, until one day when he started to emulate the mentors’ signs and taken a stab at hollering out orders,” she composed. “By then, he might have been named a distraction and sent away. However, he was not.”

is radio still alive

“Radio,” which featured Cuba Gooding Jr. as Mr. Kennedy and chronicled the kinship among him and Harold Jones, a T.L. Hanna football trainer, played by Ed Harris, was roused by a 1996 Games Outlined article, “Somebody to Rest On,” by Gary Smith.

In Anderson Is Where Kennedy’s Heart, and His Huge Radiating Grin, Will Remain.

His message of acknowledgment has stretched all over the planet, said Harold Jones, who was the football trainer at T.L. Hanna Secondary School, where Kennedy consumed the majority of his time on earth as a casual eleventh grader and a good example for ages of understudies.

Kennedy was a good example for understudies by his model, said Jan Burdette, a long-term nurture at Hanna.

“I’m not a ray of sunshine in the morning,” Burdette said. “Be that as it may, when he could come in, he’d say ‘For what reason would you say you are worn out? You don’t have to be.'”

What’s more, she’d grin and not be worn out.

Burdette said keeping Kennedy’s inheritance will significant yet challenge. The present youngsters and seniors are the last class who went an entire year with Kennedy.

Kennedy was consistently himself. He made no endeavors to change himself or others, basically tolerating everybody including himself for what their identity is, Burdette said.

is radio still alive

Kennedy kicked the bucket on Dec. 15, 2019, of complexities connected with diabetes and kidney issues, Jones said.

The Two Hung Out for 50 Years.

Jones reflected as of late with the Autonomous Mail on what sort of inheritance Kennedy has left.

Kennedy had formative disabilities, which prompted long stretches of being tormented and pestered, including individuals pulling down his jeans and pouring lamp oil on his books, Jones said. That set up the remainder of Kennedy’s life, and it shows exactly the way in which viable Kennedy was in changing hearts and psyches, Jones said.

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After some time, and with his epithet rousing transistor radio, Kennedy turned into an essential piece of the football crew, the school and the most perceived individual from the local area.

Kennedy started conveying a transistor radio to listen to sports and it turned into his moniker.

Kennedy was an avid supporter with few friends. He could run through nearly any secondary school mascot in the state, and he was an installation at school occasions, particularly at Hanna yet additionally all through the Upstate and quite a ways past games.

“At the point when you considered Radio, you considered Hanna, and when you considered Hanna, you considered Radio,” Burdette said.

is radio still alive

The film “Radio,” featuring Cuba Gooding Jr. in the lead spot, recounted the narrative of how Kennedy was at last acknowledged and eventually celebrated. The 2003 film depended on a story that began in the Free Mail in 1993, and it was extended for a Games Showed story three years after the fact.

Jones Said the Film Completely Changed Him and Kennedy’s To Improve Things.

“It showed that individuals with exceptional requirements are very much like you and I. They ought to be regarded. They ought to be adored,” Jones said. “That aided at a great deal of schools. I accept it really made a difference.”

With respect to Kennedy, he was so glad for the film, he could frequently welcome individuals by saying, “Have you seen my film?”

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“Also, on the off chance that they hadn’t,” Jones said, “he’d say, ‘You ought to go to Walmart and get it.'”

“Taking everything into account, he’s presumably the most-known individual in South Carolina,” Jones said.

The entrance at T.L. Hanna Secondary School, which already included recognitions for Kennedy, will be improved to add further distinctions to Kennedy.

is radio still alive

Furthermore, Kennedy’s foundation work is proceeding. He and Jones used to ring Salvation Armed force chimes for Christmas, and Kennedy raised cash routinely beyond Sam’s Club. Presently Jones is proceeding with their beneficent work with the Outside Dream Establishment, an Anderson bunch that gives open air wishes to kids confronting difficulties.

What’s more, he trusts that Kennedy’s inheritance will live on in the understudies he motivated for ages.

It’s Showing Improvement Over Ever, as a Matter of Fact

A long while back, if there was a tune you needed to hear, you either needed to go out and get it on vinyl (and afterward cassette, and afterward Cd), or you needed to turn on the radio and remain optimistic.

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