Is Premium Real Estate in Dubai Creek Harbour Worth Buying?


Mohit Kamboj

Visiting Dubai Creek Harbour at least once, there is no chance not to admit its uniqueness. The neighborhood is justly called an exemplary achievement in human ambition. The area boasts of extreme popularity among foreign investors and potential residents. Property prices in Dubai Creek Harbour, as well as idyllic territory, contribute to high demand on real estate. Is the abundance of available housing options really worth exploring? And why are expats attracted to the neighborhood? Let`s find out in this article.

Dubai Creek Harbour – expectation vs reality

Looking at the pictures or videos on the Internet, it is difficult to accurately imagine the layout of the neighborhood in reality. Sometimes developers even play with photo editing to make their property look nicer and more alluring. However, if we speak about Dubai, there is no need to use additional tools; the architecture of properties strikes the imagination. Dubai Creek Harbour is not an exception.

The neighborhood offers comprehensive residential stock. There are six towers located in near proximity to Dubai Creek. 550 hectares are taken by the district for residential, commercial, and retail developments. The housing is located in the center of the promenade, but still retains all the features of the premium class. It is a project of Emaar Properties, the largest developer in the UAE. It is a developer with large assets, the exceptional feature of which is the realization of the largest projects in the region.

Six towers of Dubai Creek Harbour offers the following housing units for investment and permanent stay:

  • One-bedroom apartments.
  • Apartments, which represent from one to four bedrooms.
  • Penthouses. These are prestigious properties on the upper floors of skyscrapers.

Reasons to consider purchase of real estate in Dubai Creek Harbour

The decision of becoming a real estate investor in one of the neighborhoods in Dubai is not from the easiest ones. At the same time, relocation to Dubai Creek Harbour for permanent residence is not much simpler. Even having a strong desire and necessary budget, people are often afraid of changes. To gain more confidence in your actions, explore the following reasons why Dubai Creek Harbour is the right place to move to.

  1. Dubai has the most transparent real estate market.
  2. The ongoing process of construction in the area forces developers to improve and renovate it.
  3. Absence of taxes on real estate purchase.
  4. Dubai Creek Harbour is a conveniently located prestigious neighborhood.

Now, let`s have a closer look at the above-mentioned arguments.

Dubai has the most transparent real estate market

According to JLL’s latest Global Real Estate Transparency Index (GRETI), Dubai’s real estate market has been recognized as the world’s leading real estate market in 2022 for transaction transparency. Dubai also entered the Transparent category for the first time, highlighting its position as the most transparent real estate market in the MENA region.

The ongoing process of construction in the area forces developers to improve and renovate it

As the neighborhood is still under construction, it makes purchasing off-plan apartments and penthouses possible. Besides, the building stage allows developers to take a critical look at the area, invent and implement minor changes or think up future projects to add.

Absence of taxes on real estate purchase

There are no property or income taxes in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, the possession of immovable property in Dubai, as well as the receipt of income, such as from renting it out, does not entail any tax consequences for the owner within the jurisdiction of the UAE. However, the future house owner will have to pay some additional taxes on official procedures and paperwork.

Dubai Creek Harbour is a conveniently located prestigious neighborhood

Dubai Creek Harbor reflects the concept of a mixed-use development. It is planned that most of the area will be occupied by a shopping center with more than 800 stores of different brands, which, in turn, will attract not only investors but also tourists. Besides stores the best restaurants and cafes will be placed here where it will be possible to taste dishes of high cuisine.

DCH is located near the Ras Al Khor Nature Reserve, known as the Flamingo Park. This is a true natural oasis in the rapidly developing “stone jungle” of the Emirate. The park is also one of the world’s protected urban areas.

Real estate agency in Dubai Creek Harbour

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