Is Piper and Lev Still Together : Are They Still Together?


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One of the notorious YouTube couples of this generation is Lev Cameron and Piper Rockelle. They posted commodity teasing that their relationship might be over in a YouTube videotape posted on July 20, 2022. The title of the videotape asks, “ Did we break up ” in all centrals. What exactly happed between these two — and are they done for good? Their suckers want the scoop.

Social media has come a popular place for couples to partake prints and vids pressing the stylish corridor of their connections. YouTube, in particular, has served as a platform for couples to post knavery vids, Q&A sessions, trip clips, and more.

 Did Lev Cameron and Piper Rockelle Break Up? These Are the Details.

 Lev and Piper posted a videotape giving their observers some sapience into what’s going on in their relationship. Throughout the course of the videotape, they answered a series of questions transferred in from their suckers. It turns out that there’s good news for anyone dispatching this YouTube couple for life.

 Grounded on how lovey- dovey they were acting in the YouTube videotape, their relationship is completely still complete. One of the questions they were asked is about whether or not they ’ve ever gotten into an factual fight.

 They admitted to having small arguments in the history, but noway any real fights. Piper noted that their fights are generally noway about them and generally about other people. Another question for the couple was about who wears the pants in the relationship.

is piper and lev still together

 In other words, who calls the shots and acts as the leader? Piper claimed she used to be the pants wear and tear while Lev said he simply did n’t know. The cameraman rephotographing the videotape fitted to say he felt like Piper and Lev were enough equal. A third question for the couple was about what their favorite memory together is.

 Lev racked his brain for a alternate before the cameraman fitted formerly again. He dropped some details about a trip they all took to Myrtle Beach together as a group.

 Lev eventually revealed his favorite memory to be his first kiss with Piper. While rephotographing the YouTube videotape, Piper and Lev were seated super close to each other in two chairpersons.

 They affectionately leaned toward each other utmost of the time showing positive body language signs. At one point, they indeed participated a super sloppy and sportful smooch on the mouth. A bifurcation does n’t feel to be in the cards for this YouTube couple now or anytime soon.

 Then’s What Suckers of Lev Cameron and Piper Rockelle Have to Say about Their Relationship.

Several people in the comment section on the couples ’ YouTube videotape have chimed in with their opinions. One person wrote, “ I love how they indeed suppose of unborn together, this is called a healthy relationship. ” Another person added, “ They really undestand and admire each others worlds, this is what makes them such a important couple! ”

 A third person said, “ Liper really has such an lovable , true, honest relationship that indeed grown-ups can learn from them. ” The addict sweetly appertained to the couple as Liper which is a combination of both of their first names.

is piper and lev still together

Are Piper and Lev Still Together?

 Piper Rockelle and Lev Cameron, two well- known YouTubers, have drawn a lot of attention to themselves. It’s substantially because the two began dating last time, in the time 2020.

The brace has been enough notorious since they made their love functionary. likewise, observers have expressed a desire to see them in further vids together. Their capriccios, on the other hand, constantly leave people in mistrustfulness regarding their standing.

 Lev and Piper Relationship

It’s enough standard for a Youtuber couple to retake a knavery videotape at some point throughout their relationship. And the knavery videotape has to be about one of them breaking up with the other.

Eventually, they dismiss it as a knavery, and effects return to normal. also, Lev and Piper have pulled analogous capriccios on each other. still, the verity is that they’re still together and happy in their relationship. Both Lev and Piper have been uploading vids to their separate channels regularly.

 Piper and Lev Trip

 Both Lev and Piper appear to be doing well in their relationship, and their sympathizers wish them well. Since she was a toddler, Piper has had a strong desire to dance and sing. As a result, she began her career at a youthful age. Piper had contended in several beauty pageants and went on to model on multiple occasions.

is piper and lev still together

All of this happed before she chose to establish a name for herself on social media. Piper also created her own YouTube account. In the time 2005, Lev was born on October 11th.

He began taking cotillion assignments at a youthful age because he enjoyed dancing. Piper has now performed in several well- known dancing reality series. He is also famed for his part in Justin Timberlake‘s popular music videotape” Can not Stop the Feeling!

 Are Lev and Piper Dating?

 Piper and her nut Lev are still going strong, with multiple updates and prints wowing sweeties. Lev and Piper are constantly seen on one other’s social media runners. When a new person views this film, they may believe they’ve broken up.

By the end of the videotape, the verity behind the knavery is exposed. Piper and Lev have not broken up yet.

Piper and Lev Break up

 The two began dating in May 2020, which is unsurprising. Lev and Piper are constantly seen on one other’s social media runners. Piper and swain Lev is still going strong, according to all reports, and have wowed followers with multiple updates and prints.

 What Suckers of Lev Cameron and Piper Rockelle Have to Say about Their Relationship?

Several commenters have raised their enterprises on the YouTube videotape featuring the brace. “ I adore how they indeed conjure about a future together; this is called a good relationship, ” one anthology remarked. A different commenter said they authentically understand and appreciate each other’s worlds, which makes them such a strong couple.

is piper and lev still together

 “ Lipper authentically has such an lovable , true, honest relationship that indeed grown-ups can learn from them, ” a third person said. The brace was affectionately appertained to as Lipper, a combination of both of their first names, by the addict.


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