Is Padma Lakshmi Pregnant? Top Gourmet Expert Star Has One Thing To Say on Bulging!


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Top Culinary expert host Padma Lakshmi as of late wound up at the center of attention. The Bravo show broadcasted its most recent episode on Thursday, May 18, and while the actual section was astounding, one thing that got the viewers’ eyes was the host’s appearance.

She wore a blue bodycon dress and looked lovely in it; be that as it may, a few users took to Twitter to contemplate whether something was happening with her or whether it was just the dress. Fans puzzled over whether she was pregnant. Nonetheless, she took to Instagram to settle the bits of hearsay by expressing that she is not pregnant yet has a “burrito tummy” all things being equal.

Who Is Padma Lakshmi?

Padma Parvati Lakshmi is an Indian-American who is notable for her various jobs as a creator, entertainer, activist, model, philanthropist, and television have. Starting around 2006, she has been the host of the famous cooking rivalry program, Top Gourmet expert on Bravo and has gotten numerous Emmy selections for her work.

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Also, she is the maker, host, and leader maker of the effective docuseries, Taste the Country with Padma Lakshmi, which debuted on Hulu in 2020 and investigates the food and culture of various settler and indigenous networks across America.

In 2022, the show’s vacation release won a prestigious James Facial hair growth Establishment Grant. Padma Lakshmi has likewise published six books, including two cookbooks, a reference book, a diary, a children’s book, and a visitor altered volume.

Fans Hypothesize Whether Top Gourmet Expert Host Padma Lakshmi Is Pregnant!

The Top Gourmet expert season 20 host, Padma Lakshmi, is a television moderator and essayist who has been on the show since season 6. In the show’s most recent episode, which circulated on Thursday, May 18, 2023, viewers saw her wearing a blue bodycon dress in which she looked staggering.

Fans took to web-based entertainment to keep thinking about whether the host is pregnant or whether she was placed in an “uncomplimentary dress.”

Nonetheless, while there were a few fans with similar inquiries, others took to either their own threads or others to look at the circumstance and added that perhaps the ombre impact of the dress causes her to appear to be pregnant.

Some expressed that while they don’t feel that the dress is uncomplimentary, the Top Culinary expert season 20 dress had a shadow, which was likely caused by the manner in which she was holding her hands over her midriff.

Is Padma Lakshmi pregnant?

Be that as it may, the host herself set out to settle the tales by taking to Instagram to post pictures of herself from her excursion in Tulum, Mexico. The image showed Padma Lakshmi in a swimsuit and flaunting a stomach that was somewhat greater than it usually is.

“No, I’m not pregnant, I just like tacos, and burritos, and enchiladas.”

What Happened in Thursday’s Episode of Top Gourmet Expert Season 20?

In episode 11 of Top Cook season 20, the best six contenders took part in a quickfire challenge that highlighted Andrew Wong. During the test, they had 30 minutes to make a dish with a steamed component, yet the catch was that every one of the six candidates needed to use water from one major pot.

This was trailed by the end challenge, in which they needed to make three Wellington dishes: one containing fish, one containing meat, and one sweet.

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They needed to cook for 25 coffee shops and the adjudicators as they contend two by two. The matches were Amar and Sara, Buddha and Gabri, and Tom and Ali. Rather than one individual leaving the opposition, two gourmet experts were disposed of.

During administration, the primary dishes out contained fish, trailed by meat, and in the long run dessert. Sara and Amar introduced fish and fish Wellington, Gabri and Buddha made salmon Wellington with shrimp pate, trailed by Tom and Ali’s salmon Wellington with leek duxelles.

The meat dishes were harissa-scoured sheep Wellington, dry-matured hamburger Wellington with truffle demi-glace, and meat Wellington with onion puree, separately. Followed by fruity dessert tres leches Wellington, peach melba Wellington with almond frangipane, and apple Wellington with chestnut duxelles.

Is Padma Lakshmi pregnant?

At last, Sara and Amar needed to get together their blades and leave the Top Cook kitchen.

Padma Lakshmi Is Not Pregnant! Padma is not pregnant. The 52-year-old Bravo star and Indian-American moderator invited her lone child, little girl Krishna Thea, in 2010.

The moderator, who has facilitated Top Gourmet specialist starting around 2006, seemed to have a more adjusted tummy in her fitted blue dress for Thursday’s episode.

While certain viewers overwhelmed virtual entertainment with pregnancy hypotheses, others noticed that the dress basically wasn’t that “complimenting”. Additionally, Padma as of late graced Sports Illustrated’s most recent issue where she flaunted her conditioned physical make-up.

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“It’s the dress. She just completed a Games Illustrated photograph shoot. Her body is pummeling haha,” one viewer remarked on Twitter. Another tolled in: “I believe it’s the dress.”

Top Gourmet Expert Star Said She Has a “Burrito Midsection”!

Padma has confronted pregnancy hypotheses on a few events and the star has openly discussed having bulging issues in the wake of being determined to have endometriosis in 2006.

In December 2020, the Top Gourmet specialist star took to her Instagram and explained that she is not pregnant before individuals make any suspicions about her body.

“Goodness I couldn’t care less in the event that it’s nearly twilight, I’m totally going to humiliate you on the ocean front with this sombrero!” she subtitled an image with her girl during a vacation in Tulum, Mexico.

“No I am not pregnant, I just like tacos, and burritos and enchiladas… !!!” she noted.

Padma Graced the Games Illustrated Cover!

Padma looked astounding in a photograph go for Sports Illustrated’s most recent bathing suit issue. The television have shocked with a gold two-piece for the distribution.

The Top Cook star uncovered that the photoshoot call was exceptionally a surprising bit of news and she had a long time to plan for the cover issue.

Padma learned about the interesting open door when she got a call from her publicist and she traveled to Dominica three weeks after the fact.

Is Padma Lakshmi pregnant?

In an Instagram post, the moderator shared a video from the photoshoot, trailed by the subtitle: “This is me. I wouldn’t return to my 20s in the event that you paid me all the cash on the planet.”


Padma Lakshmi, who is a famous Indian-American essayist, was brought into the world on September 1, 1970, in Chennai, India. At four years old, she moved to the US with her family and was raised in New York City before in the end migrating to La Puente, California with her mom and stepfather.

At this point, Padma Lakshmi is 52 years of age. While her level is not referenced in the given text, intrigued fans can likely track down that data on the web or through different sources. Fans can keep awake to-date with the most recent news and updates on Padma Lakshmi by following her via web-based entertainment or through other internet based outlets.

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