Is Noah Thompson Dating Hunter Girl? Who is Noah Thompson’s Real Girlfriend?


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Music is loved by each and every people of different ages. It captures the heart of people, relaxes, and soothes their minds. Nowadays there are many platforms and reality show that recognizes the best talent in singing and other skills. The platform where people can express their skills, showcase their raw talent, and sheer determination.

Similar to them is the reality show “American Idol” where participants captivate the judges and audience with their melodious voices and magnetic stage presence.
Noah Thompson the winner of American Idol Season 20 spell bounded the people with his super performance and became the winner. These days hearsay is going around about Noah Thompson dating the then-runner-up Hunter girl. In this article, let’s delve into his personal life and check out the reality behind this rumor.

Noah Thompson Early Life

Noah Thompson, the musician was born on April 18, 2002, in Huntington, West Virginia. He completed his studies at Lawrence County High School in Louisa, Kentucky. Thompson also worked as a construction worker before entering American Idol. He also owns a youtube channel and has performed many songs. Songs like Pedestal, Not a Phase, and Heart Painted Black are originally introduced and sung by him.

Noah Thompson Career

If we talk about career, Thompson is occupationally a musician and also plays guitar. He is the winner of American Idol Season 20 which had the finale on May 22, 2022. He also worked as a construction worker before participating in American Idol. He also covered many songs on his youtube channel and has also released his original songs like Pedestal, Not a Phase, and Heart Painted Black.

Noah Thompson Dating

Next up, we will be talking about his relationships and personal life.

Who is Noah Thompson Dating Now?

Currently, the winner of American Idol Season 20 is staying with his girlfriend and high school lover Angel Dixon. The couple is together since 2018 when they completed high school. The pair also has a son named Walter.

He even shared some heartwarming pics on his Instagram that shows the father-son duo spending time together and wearing matching trucker caps.

Is Noah Thompson Married?

It is quite difficult to confirm marital status of Thompson at present. Although the season 20 winner Thompson is with his girlfriend Angel since 2018, it seems that the pair are not married yet.

They together have a son named Walter and the family of three stays together happily. There is no news regarding the marriage of the pair at present but we will keep you updated with the latest updates. So stay connected.

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Are Noah Thompson and Hunter Girl Dating?

There is a tittle-tattle going on nowadays about 2022 American Idol winner Noah Thompson and the same season runner-up Hunter Girl dating. Rumors are spreading about the relationship between Noah and Hunter Girl.

Noah Thompson dating

They both are seen together in a lot of TikTok videos and performing together at many shows. They were even quite close to each other while the show aired.

But both seem to refute the allegations and rumors of dating. Noah even clarified that they are not more than close friends and he is not liking the rumors being spread. He even added that Angel and Hunter are friends and they often meet each other but he is still with his girlfriend Angel Dixon.

“The only thing that bothers me is people talking about, like, Hunter,” Noah said to Evan Paul of Taste of Country Nights 

“We had our trailers side-by-side,” the “Stay” singer explains. “That’s not something we picked. We became close, man. We talked about how one person was feeling this way … she was just kind of there for me, and I was there for her. We just became best friends, man.”

“What you see there are two friends goofing around. I love Hunter to death. But we are not together, by no means,” he says.

“They’re good friends,” he adds of Angel and Hunter. “Angel, once Angel flew down here, Hunter and Angel talked. They’re good friends. People just need to quit. Nobody has done a single thing.”

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What is the Reason Behind the  Dating Rumors of Noah and Hunter Girl?

Noah Thompson dating

The foremost reason that can be considered behind this hearsay is the TikTok videos of Noah and Huntergirl where both are seen hanging out together. The other reason could be Noah being private about his personal life.

He shares very less pictures with his family which gave rise to the breakup rumors of him with Angel. Although these are mere false allegations and not the reality as clarified by Noah Thompson.

Past Relationships of Noah Thompson

Noah has always tried to keep his personal life behind closed doors. He shares very less information about his private life. Therefore not much data is available to us about his dating history.

Though we know that he is with his love Angel Dixon since they completed their high school studies and they also have a son, Walter.

The family of three is spending a very lovely time together.

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