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Is No Return A True Story? A Sheridan Smith Drama

Is No Return a true story? It was a huge success on ITV, but now people are wondering why. Actress Sheridan Smith makes her return to the small screen in the new drama as Kathy Powell, a mother of two.

On an all-inclusive trip to Turkey, Kathy, Martin, and their two teenagers, Noah and Jess, as well as Kathy’s sister and her family, unwind and enjoy valuable time together.

On the other hand, Noah is taken away in handcuffs and accused of committing a severe crime, which he vehemently denies having done.

Noah, who is only 16, is supposed to be studying for his upcoming college entrance exams and having fun for the summer before starting school. Instead, he is facing the possibility of spending years in a prison in Turkey, which is thousands of miles away from his family and friends.

Is No Return Based On A True Story?

The story in No Return is NOT based on true story. The writer Danny Brocklehurst made the series, and he has said that, while some of the basic ideas for No Return came from a friend who got in trouble with the law while travelling abroad, most of it is made up.

Even though No Return is set in Turkey, it was filmed in Spain, Manchester, and Bolton because it was hard to get to Turkey at the time.

Mr. Brocklehurst also recently adapted Harlan Coben’s book Stay Close for Netflix. He calls this series a passion project and says, “It’s the story of a family caught in a modern nightmare, but it lets us explore themes of parenthood, justice, addiction, and consent.”

is no return a true story

Promo for ITV’s “No Return”

ITV has already produced a teaser trailer for No Return. Warning though: you may want a drink or two later.

You can watch the trailer for the series right here.

How many episodes of No Return are on ITV?

Every episode of No Return is exactly one hour long, and there are four episodes in total.

Who is on the cast of ITV’s No Return?

Sheridan Smith, a well-known British actress and singer, plays the mother Kathy Powell on the drama show No Return.

Louis Ashbourne Serkis, who was in “The Kid Who Would Be King,” plays 16-year-old Noah, who is the accused son of Kathy.

Michael Jibson (Four Lives, Quiz) plays Noah’s father Martin. Lily Sutcliffe plays Kathy and Martin’s daughter Jessica. Sian Brooke (Stephen, Trying) plays Kathy’s sister Megan. David Mumeni (Sliced, Dead Pixels) plays Megan’s husband Steve. Philip Arditti (House of Saddam, Black Earth Rising) plays Noah’s lawyer Rico Karvalci, and Murat Seven (Undercover) plays

Rufus Hound (Trollied) plays private eye Al Milner, and Jodie Campbell (Bulletproof) plays Rosie, a teenager staying at the same hotel as Noah who invites him to a beach party.

is no return a true story

So, What Exactly Happens In The Sheridan Smith Drama No Return?

Smith plays Kathy Powell, whose son Noah, 16, is accused of sexually assaulting a youngster in Turkey.

Brocklehurst said, “The Powells went on vacation with Kathy’s (Smith) sister, her husband, and their ADD son.” Each character brings troubles on vacation.

He also stated, “There are cracks and tensions in their life, but they’re going on vacation in hopes that the sun will smooth everything out and they’ll have a nice time and return peaceful.

Noah’s arrest makes all of their problems worse, widens the fissures, and puts everything under a microscope.

Brocklehurst said, “I care about No Return.” It’s about a family stuck in a modern nightmare, but it also addresses parenting, justice, addiction, and consent.

ITV drama head Polly Hill commented, “This is a fantastic story about a family attempting to save their son in a court system they don’t understand.”

Danny finds emotional reality in the characters and their nightmare holiday, making the whole thing compelling.

“What happens to this family is so surprising,” Smith told ITV. They travel on vacation to Turkey, but Noah gets arrested. People will wonder what they’d do if it were their child.

“They’re placed into a foreign legal system,” she said. Bad dream. When I read the script and acted the part, I thought, “Oh my God, if this were my kid Billy…” Stress, crying, cursing, and anxiety were constant on set. We rarely arrived and immediately had fun.

“It was terrible when we filmed the cops taking Kathy and Martin’s son from their hotel. In a small room, painters with guns played police officers. They push Kathy aside and get Kathy’s son. What’s up? Kathy doesn’t speak the language.

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