Is Nima Momeni Gay: Capture Made in the Passing of CashApp Pioneer Weave Lee!


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Presenting Nima Momeni an IT expert and business person situated in Emeryville, California, USA. Nima is a trusted innovation cooperate with over 15 years of mastery serving industries like medical care, finance, cutting edge/startup, innovation, assembling, and administrations.

He established Extend IT, Inc. fully intent on giving outstanding customer administration, and that objective drives all he does as President. Nima went to both UC Berkeley and Laney School in Oakland, California, and he is an alum of the two establishments. His s*xual direction is a secret because he is so confidential about his life.

If it’s not too much trouble, keep on returning for additional data. Nima stood out as truly newsworthy as of late after a disagreeable event that occurred while he and a traveler called Lee were voyaging. This page will make sense of everything that happened.

Who Is Nima Momeni?

In the US, Nima Momeni fills in as an IT expert and business visionary out of Emeryville. Starting around 2005, he has been a committed innovation accomplice.

His client vertical business sectors range the medical care, monetary, super advanced/startup, innovation, assembling, and administration industries, and he offers help for every one of them. He additionally runs Extend IT, Inc. as its Chief. Notwithstanding his position at Diablo IT and SPOC, he counsels for different organizations.

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He’s an alum of both Berkeley and Laney School in Oakland, California. His real birthday has not been uncovered. His real age is presently obscure.

Is Nima Momeni Gay?

Nima Momeni’s s*xuality is a subject of much interest, and many individuals have inquiries regarding it. Nima Momeni’s s*xual direction is obscure. He is defensive of his protection, and we will update you when we find out more.

Sooner or later in the early long stretches of April 4, Lee and Momeni were driving about the midtown San Francisco region in Momeni’s vehicle when they got into a contention.

So say the police. Nima more than once gone after Lee with a blade, which police later found at the scene.Many Public Need to be aware of Nima Momeni Gay and have numerous inquiries in regards to his S**uality. It is indistinct assuming Nima Momeni is Gay. He needs to keep hidden his Own Life, at whatever point we get more data we will be updated soon.

Lee was killed after he and Momeni had a quarrel while riding together in Momeni’s vehicle around the midtown San Francisco region in the early long periods of April 4. Besides, people also think that Bob Lee is gay.

As indicated by Police Nima wounded Lee a few times with a blade, which was recuperated by police from the scene.

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Nima Momeni Career!

Nima Momeni is an American business person and IT advisor. Starting around 2005, he has filled in as a committed mechanical accomplice for a large number of industries, including medical care, finance, cutting edge/startup, innovation, assembling, and administrations.

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He went to UC Berkeley for some time and afterward completed his certificate at Laney. His house was in the American city of Emeryville, California.

Capture Made in the Passing of CashApp Pioneer Weave Lee!

Police were cited as saying that Sway Lee was not killed in an irregular demonstration of viciousness yet rather during a battle with somebody he knew. Eventually in the early long periods of April 4, Lee and Momeni were driving about the midtown San Francisco region in Momeni’s auto when they got into a contention.

A battle supposedly broke out between them while they were all the while cruising all over the area, and when Lee escaped the vehicle and began leaving, the two kept battling in the roads. Momeni wounded Lee on numerous occasions with a blade that was subsequently found at the site.

Prison Records Affirm Nima Momeni, 38, Has Been Accused of Homicide!

Police have captured a suspect regarding the deadly cutting of CashApp pioneer Weave Lee in San Francisco, as per different outlets.

Refering to San Francisco Leading group of Managers President Aaron Peskin and other city authorities, the San Francisco Account reports Nima Momeni was captured Thursday regarding the destructive assault against Lee, who was viewed as wounded to death during the early morning long periods of April 4 in the Rincon Slope area.

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Prison records affirm Momeni, 38, has been accused of homicide. It’s hazy in the event that he held a lawyer or entered a supplication to the charge. A thought process in the supposed killing has not yet been unveiled.

As per his LinkedIn, Momeni depicts himself as an IT specialist and tech business visionary in the Sound Area.Citing numerous police sources, Mission Neighborhood reports the assault doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be arbitrary, as the pair had supposedly been cruising all over the city together minutes before the supposed killing.

Following a supposed a showdown in the vehicle, reports say Lee took off by walking, before he was purportedly wounded to death in the roads of San Francisco by Momeni, police say, per the power source.

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Refering to anonymous sources, KGO-television reports Lee experienced two cut injuries to the chest. He continued to find support from adjacent police and passed on the scene.

Talking with KTVU-television, Lee’s ex Krista Lee affirmed a capture was made in his killing.

“This is the most important move toward justice,” she said, per the station.

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Last week, Lee’s demise was affirmed in an explanation from the cryptographic money organization MobileCoin, where he filled in as boss item official. MobileCoin Chief Josh Goldbard said Lee was made due by a caring family and a “assortment of dear companions and colleagues.”

Goldbard added: “We will miss you, Sway. We love you.”


As an IT expert and business proprietor, Nima Momeni works out of Emeryville in the US. He has been an enthusiastic accomplice in innovation beginning around 2005.

Many individuals are keen on looking into Nima Momeni Gay and have numerous requests concerning his s*xual direction. Whether Nima Momeni is gay is obscure. He needs to keep his own life hidden; we will illuminate you when we find out more.

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