Is Murray Bartlett Gay? Is Murray Bartlett Dating Anyone?



Murray Bartlett is a well-known Hollywood actor. He has worked with numerous films and Tv shows over the last 4 decades. The actor has continuously worked harder for his roles and achieved great heights. His performance is well appreciated by the people. Recently, the actor got an Emmy Award for his amazing performance on The White Lotus for Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Limited Or Anthology Series Or Movie – 2022. 

The actor has worked in the entertainment business for years now. He started working when he was in his 20s. His passion for films and acting was there in him for a long time. That’s why he decided to pursue the career and began working hard to achieve his dreams. He chases his passion and it leads him to his final destination. 

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Initially, Murray started working in a small role. He believes that no position is small and that to achieve a big part, one needs to grab the small roles first. He started his journey in Australia. It was his both place and the actor lived his initial life there. 

Later, he decided to move to the USA where there were a large number of job roles available for films and movies. He began working hard and over the years, he became one of the best-performing artists. 

Coming back to his life, Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Limited Or Anthology Series Or Movie – 2022 remained private most of the time. His fans over his humor and personality and one of the most asked questions regarding the actor is about his sexuality. Over the years, people wanted to see him with his partner and the actor tried his best to hide his relationship status. For a long time, the actor remained quiet about his relationship.

Finally, he opened up about his relationship status and became more vocal about it. If you are one of those people who are wondering about him then this article is for you. Continue Reading the article and find out all the latest updates. 

Is Murray Bartlett Gay?

Murray BartlettMany Have wondered about his sexuality for a while now. after he appears in the white Lotus as an h**** hotel Manager, people started to look for his sexuality, in the movie, west him getting close to his fellow male character and for a person, he seems quite comfortable. The performance was worth appreciating and it was he, to the Emmy Nomination. 

In the show, he appeared as Nick De Noia, a famous choreographer of male striptease routines. So, the main question is, Is he, Gay?

Well, Murray has confronted that he is Gay. He has openly talked about his being gay.

In one of his interviews with GQ, he revealed his gay journey and talked about how he managed to get where he wanted. Murray talked about the difficulties that face during that time.

He said, “When I was younger, I thought about whether or not I should be out,” Bartlett told the outlet. “But I never felt like lying about myself was an option.” He thinks that “people knew I was gay so that I may have missed out on some parts,” but he has no regrets. “I’ve had a lot of great chances to play great gay roles.”

He has worked in numerous films and Tv shows and the majority of the time his roles have been about the exciting love fantasy world, there is no wonder that people love him in such a role. Many people appreciated him and how he confronted the matter.

Is Murray Bartlett Married?

No. He has not married anyone but he lives with his partner Matt in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Is Murray Bartlett Dating Anyone?

After the actor confronted his sexuality many people wondered whether he is dating anyone or not. Since he is open about his life and has openly talked about his feelings,  the relationship is not hidden from people. Murray is dating Matt.

They both have been in a relationship for quite a while now, during his award-winning speech, he makes sure to mention his partner. When accepting the award, the cat says thank you to his partner for being there and supporting him.  The White Lotus actor said, “Thank you, Matt, for being my safe place.”

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Bartlett remembered that his partner had said, “I have a feeling that something big is going to happen, and I don’t want us to live in the city.” 

Murray Bartlett Enjoys Playing Intimate Gay Roles In Films

Being an actor, he has a great task to build a new character. He loves to act and that is visible. People appreciate his work and in white Lotus, he performed marvelously well. He has openly talked about this feeling on the set and even in the interview. He said he likes to appear as a gay character because that allows him to be him. 

People were shocked to witness the storyline when the White Lotus was released on the screen. There is no wonder that white Lotus is among the top-grossing shows of the year and despite being a limited series the popularity of the show forced the official to extend the show. In the series, Murray appeared as a gay character who is passionate about dance. His dance moves are more physical and intimate.

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His character got appreciation from the critics which led him to win the Emmy Awards.

During an interview, Bartlett said, “Bartlett came out as gay early in his career, but he doesn’t just play gay roles in movies. He plays gay characters who do sexual things on screen, and the audience sees this. Even in 2022, that doesn’t seem right.”

“Welcome to Chippendales” and how he acted out “important, realistic [sex] moments” in “Tales of the City” and “Looking.”

Murray said, “It always feels like a burden to play a character from a culture that isn’t shown enough in the media.” How can I make this character seem natural and human in a way that will teach people who don’t know any LGBT people something new?

He further talked about this and said,  “And being able to show how close characters are is something everyone can relate to.” The 51-year-old Australian said, “Any moments of unity we can find in these divided times… “It’s a beautiful thing.”

The actor said, “I thought it was great because it went so well with what was happening at the time. It was surprising where it should have been and natural where it should have been.

Murray’s Past Films And Shows

Murray has been in the acting career for quite a while now, the actor has continuously worked hard for his career for a long time. The actor has been in the industry for4 years now. In this section, we’ll be going to look at his work. Are you interested? Continue reading the article.

1995 Dad and Dave: On Our Selection Sandy Tayler
1999 Half Mongrel Short film
2000 The Three Stooges Trocadero Patron
2001 Muffled Love Short film
2005 Postmortem Troy Short film
2007 Om John Short film
2010 Boys on Film 4: Protect Me from What I Want Troy Direct-to-video
2010 Needle Tony Martin
2011 August Troy
2013 Girl Most Likely James Whitney
2013 Kingston Avenue Le copain de Barbara
2015 Stubborn Murray
2020 The Stand In Terry

He has performed on TV shows

Year Title Role Notes
1987 The Flying Doctors Michael Freeman Episode: “The Unluckiest Boy in Town”
1992 Home and Away Randy Evans Recurring role
1992–1993 A Country Practice Owen Wyatt / Richard Welbourne 3 episodes
1993 Neighbours Luke Foster Recurring role
1995 The Ferals Dr. Bob Ivory Episode: “The Dentist”
1996 G.P. NA Episode: “Pendulum”
1996 The Beast Christopher Lane TV movie
1997 The Tower Jeremy TV movie
1997 Flipper NA Episode: “Help me, Rhonda”
1999 Murder Call Gavin Todd Episode: “Dying Day”
1999–2003 Farscape Douglas ‘D.K.’ Knox 4 episodes
2000 Above the Law Nathan Peters Episode: “Happy Families”
2001 Flat Chat Episode: “The Old Flame”
2002 Sex and the City Oliver Spencer Episode: “All That Glitters”
2002 McLeod’s Daughters Simon Birch 3 episodes
2002 The Secret Life of Us Nick 6 episodes
2002 All My Children Julian Sinclair Series regular
2006 Headland James Brogan 5 episodes
2006 All Saints Roy Pickforth Episode: “The Real Thing”
2007 Flight of the Conchords Mark Episode: “Sally Returns”
2007–2009 Guiding Light Cyrus Foley Series regular
2009 White Collar Adrian Tulane Episode: “Free Fall”
2011 Damages Seth Sloan Episode: “I’d Prefer My Old Office”
2014 The Good Wife Logan Episode: “The Deep Web”
2014–2015 Looking Dom Basaluzzo 16 episodes
2016 Limitless Conrad Harris Episode: “Hi, My Name Is Rebecca Harris”
2016 Looking: The Movie Dom Basaluzzo TV movie
2016 Conviction Victor Bonotto Episode: “Pilot”
2017 Nashville Jakob Fine 2 episodes
2017–2018 Iron Fist Dr. Paul Edmonds 3 episodes
2019 Tales of the City Michael “Mouse” Tolliver Main cast
2019 Madam Secretary Australian Prime Minister Chris Lawson Episode: “The Common Defense”
2021 The White Lotus Armond Miniseries; main cast
2022 Physical Vinnie Green 5 episodes
2022 RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under Himself Episode 7
2022 Welcome to Chippendales Nick De Noia Miniseries; main cast
2023 The Last of Us Frank Episode: “Long, Long Time”

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