Is Men in Kilts Season 2 Coming in 2023? Season 2 Is Not Coming in January 2023!


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We had expected to see Men in Kilts Season 2 preceding 2022 reached a conclusion. The sit tight for the Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish series is still on.

We’re still persistently waiting for Men in Kilts Season 2. We had trusted that it would show up before the finish of last year, yet that wasn’t true. This is one of those shows where the after creation stage sets aside some margin to sort out the excursion that Sam and Graham took around New Zealand.

The series is not on the list of January debuts. At the point when you consider that one of the Power shows is coming back in January, that is not excessively surprising. STARZ doesn’t will generally put mutiple or two original shows on simultaneously.

When Will Men in Kilts Season 2 Come to STARZ?

Fortunately we ought to get the season at some point in 2023. STARZ released a trailer of shows to expect this year and Men in Kilts was on the list.

However, the trailer was immediately pulled down, suggesting that it was released somewhat sooner than arranged. That didn’t prevent fans from getting screen captures of both Outlander and Men in Kilts.


We realize that Outlander Season 7 will debut in summer 2023. We’re still waiting for some kind of thought regarding when Men in Kilts Season 2 will show up. It is conceivable that we could see it in the spring since filming is finished.

This is going to rely upon how much original programming that is already accessible. We realize Hightown is likewise ready to go, and there will be some other STARZ shows ready.

We’re still expecting Outlander Season 7 to be divided in two sections. Is it conceivable that Men in Kilts will be held for later in 2023 to go about as a manner to overcome Droughtlander? We’ll make certain to watch out for everything about this series.

The Outlander-Inspired Travelog Men in Kilts

An Excursion with Sam and Graham is an American travel documentary miniseries that follows the excursion of Outlander stars, Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish as they traverse Scotland and discover their legacy. The main season debuted on February 14, 2021, on Starz and had eight episodes. Made by Heughan and McTavish, Men in Kilts is created by Footpath Pictures, in relationship with Sony Pictures Television.

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With a 95% crowd score on Rotten Tomatoes, the series was cherished for the fellowship between the characters and the investigation of the districts of Scotland, upon its release. It was even nominated for four American reality television Grants. Indeed, this incited the producers to recharge the subsequent season.

Is Men in Kilts Season 2


In November 2021, Heughen and McTavish reported that Men in Kilts would be reestablished briefly season. How about we find out on the off chance that it will release any time soon.

Will Men in Kilts Season 2 Release in January?

We have heard that the filming of Men in Kilts was finished toward the beginning of 2022 and the show has been in the after creation stage since then. However, notwithstanding waiting for right around 2 years we are yet to get an authority release date.

In the mean time, through a video that was released toward the finish of 2022, it was made obvious that Men in Kilts season 2 would be important for the 2023 lineup on STARZ. Despite the fact that, surprisingly that video was eliminated not long after being posted, it recommended more current episodes of the series at some point in 2023.

According to Claireandjamie, “Keeping down the show significantly longer is not really sensible. The main conceivable justification for why we are not yet seeing its release could plan.

There will be other shows on STARZ ready to go. We know one of the Power shows is back on and there’s still another season of Hightown to run. Not to fail to remember Outlander Season 7 is coming in the mid year.”

We can say that the movement series is definitely not coming to STARZ in January 2023, however since you had quietly hung tight for this long, we want to believe that you can stand by a smidgen more, particularly in the event that you are a Sam Heughan fan.


Recap of Men in Kilts Season 1

Season one saw the Outlander team Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish rejoin for an amazing experience in Scotland where they investigated their legacy and met individuals who genuinely portrayed being Scottish.

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The eight-episode first season of the series has a length of 30 minutes each and showcases the pair’s exceptional viewpoint on everything from Scottish factions and the Skirmish of Culloden to whisky tasting and people dancing.

Given their Outlander experience, the two men had revealed into every single insight, be it hanging off the edge of a bluff, wrangling a group of wild sheep, or in any event, discovering the genuine tradition of their Outlander characters.

What Might We at Any Point Anticipate From Men in Kilts Season 2?

We are expecting the traveling team to investigate the Scottish influence of New Zealand, while diving into its own history, in season 2 of Men in Kilts. Besides, the subsequent season will have a sum of six episodes.

The Starz – Lionsgate Circumstance

This is a really confusing trial, however we should set it up like this. The network is splitting off from its past proprietor and in doing that, there’s a great deal of work being finished to split properties.

Is Men in Kilts Season 2


This has prompted a ton of deferrals with upcoming shows. There’s a motivation behind why BMF is the main Starz original presently airing new episodes! Men in Kilts is not by any means the only show done underway waiting for a debut date. Take a gander at Hightown, Heels, or Power Book IV: Power. Essentially Outlander season 7 has an estimated debut date.

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While there is no 100 percent ensure the Lionsgate split influences Men in Kilts, it is worth considering.

Finding the Right Friend

We’ve gotten the sense already that this is not a show Starz needs to use to open a lineup; with that, they may simply be waiting to find the ideal spot for it. We guess it’s potential they could conclude the right sidekick is Outlander itself, yet why stand by that long when you can get content out there sooner?

In the end, recall that a debut date here is not something that Heughan or McTavish have any command over; it ultimately depends on the people at Starz to sort it out.

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