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It’s once again New Year’s Eve! The weeks-long holiday celebrations have led up to the significant 2023 countdown. You might not be feeling your best on January 1st, though, given that the evening frequently entails staying up late, drinking New Year’s beverages, and watching New Year’s movies like it’s your job.

But a burger with all the condiments is the one item that can quickly alleviate that. This is the reason we’re sharing the McDonald’s New Year’s hours with you. You’ll probably find at least one reason to visit McDonald’s on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, whether you need a late-night dinner to fuel you for a few more hours of partying or are in the market for a McMuffin (or two).

So, this year, will McDonald’s be open on both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day? Here is all you need to know, including the regular business hours of the store and whether you should call your local franchise before leaving.

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is mcdonald's open on new year's day

New Year’s Eve Hours at McDonald’s in 2022

The good news is that McDonald’s typically remains open on New Year’s Eve. You should have little trouble finding a McFlurry if you’re looking for someone to hang out with as you paint the town crimson.

However, before leaving, we advise calling the McDonald’s in your area. Use McDonalds‘s Restaurant Locator tool to learn the precise franchise hours in your area.

is mcdonald's open on new year's day

New Year’s Day Hours at McDonald’s in 2023

For those of you who enjoy hamburgers, there is additional good news: McDonald’s will be open on New Year’s Day as well, giving you yet another reason to postpone your resolve to eat healthily until January 2. We won’t reveal it.

However, as usual, we advise utilizing the Restaurant Locator feature on to confirm the opening times of the McDonald’s closest to you. Enjoy your snacks!

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