Is Lewis Hamilton Gay: Speculating S*xual Preference Of The F1 Racer Among List Of Girlfriends And LGBTQ Support!


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Looking for an answer to the question, Is Lewis Hamilton Gay? Hamilton’s s*xual orientation has been the subject of controversy as he has never publicly spoken about it. He has not identified himself as either straight or gay in any interviews or reports, leaving his s*xuality unknown.

Is Lewis Hamilton Gay?

Lewis Hamilton has not confirmed that he is gay and has not been romantically involved with any men. He has been in relationships with various female celebrities, such as Nicole Scherzinger, Danielle Lloyd, Rita Ora, Barbara Palvin, and Rihanna. Despite his fashion sense and occasional wearing of jewelry and skirts for photo shoots, there is no indication that Hamilton is homos*xual.

Just because a man dresses in a modest manner does not mean he is gay. Men often face stereotypes regarding their fashion sense or style. However, assuming a man’s s*xual orientation based solely on his appearance is an example of toxic masculinity. Unfortunately, in 2023, some individuals still hold the belief that men who wear jewelry, skirts, or dress fashionably are automatically homos*xual.

Is Lewis Hamilton Gay

Some of Hamilton’s supporters are proud of him for breaking negative male stereotypes, even if these stereotypes are not true. Others admire his fashion sense and may even take inspiration from it.

 Why Is Lewis Hamilton Rumored To Be Gay?

Lewis Hamilton has never publicly disclosed his s*xuality despite being in relationships with female celebrities. The question of his s*xuality arose due to his advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ community, which experiences discrimination based on their gender identity and s*xual preferences.

Hamilton has used his platform to speak up for the community and address social issues. While he has never publicly stated his s*xuality, his advocacy for the community has fueled rumors and speculation.


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In December 2021, Lewis Hamilton made headlines by speaking out against Saudi Arabia’s Anti-Gay laws ahead of his race in Jeddah, the country’s capital. He described these laws as “terrifying” and expressed his worries about the lack of acceptance in the country due to its conservative culture.

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Merely showing support for a community doesn’t necessarily mean that one is a part of that community. Numerous high-profile actors and celebrities who aren’t members of the community frequently express their support for them and stand with them during controversial times.

The same applies to Hamilton. He may be only an ally fighting for a more equitable society. The only way to dispel these rumors is for Hamilton to make a clear and straightforward statement about the subject. Regrettably, he has yet to speak publicly on the issue.

What To Know About Lewis Hamilton?

Sir Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton was born on 7 January 1985 . He is a British Racing driver who competes for Mercedes in Formula One races. In his career so far, he has won 7 joint records and holds the records for most wins numbering up to 103 pole positions and 183 podium finishes.
He is a person known for his fashion taste, his accessories, and his penchant for wearing trendy outfits. In Lewis’ opinion, he is outspoken and dares to call out the wrong in the counties he visits as part of his racing commitments.

Dating Rumours Of Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is surely not a gay celebrity, If we look at his dating history he mostly has dated women his entire life. We have a list of women he has been rumored to date so far

Danielle Lloyd

Before entering Formula 1, Hamilton was already a popular athlete. He had a romantic relationship with Danielle Lloyd for almost half a year in 2002. However, the distance between them caused their relationship to end quickly. Even after their breakup, they remained friends. Hamilton even assisted her in her bid for Miss England in 2004.

Nicole Scherzinger

Lewis Hamilton is most famous for his relationship with American singer Nicole Scherzinger. Their relationship was tumultuous, with frequent breakups that affected Hamilton’s performance during the 2011 championship season. Scherzinger was present to support Hamilton during his first championship win in 2008. However, their on-and-off relationship finally came to an end in 2015 after several years together.

Is Lewis Hamilton Gay

Rita Ora

After his split from Scherzinger, Hamilton was rumored to be involved with the singer Ritual in 2016. In 2017, the two were spotted together in a recording studio, and Rita Ora was seen supporting Hamilton at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix the weekend before his 31st birthday. Despite never publicly acknowledging their relationship, they appeared to enjoy each other’s company.

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In 2015, while ASAP Rocky was gaining worldwide attention, Rihanna was often spotted having meals with Hamilton during his split with Ora. Their relationship sparked even more speculation when they traveled to Barbados together to celebrate Kadooment Day. Despite this, Hamilton has never confirmed any romantic involvement with Rihanna and has maintained that they are just close friends who enjoy each other’s company.

Camila Kendra

According to reports, Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, has been associated with Camila Kendra. Kendra, who was raised in Miami but born in the Dominican Republic, has been linked to Hamilton after a post on her social media in 2021 caught the attention of fans and sparked rumors.

Although she had posted a selfie on social media showing herself at Hamilton’s residence, it was subsequently disclosed that the pair had split up. Nonetheless, as with all such conjectures in the past, neither of them has confirmed the rumors.


Lewis Hamilton has not addressed his s*xual orientation in public, leading to controversy and speculation about it. He has not identified himself as either heteros*xual or homos*xual in any interviews or reports, leaving his s*xual preferences unknown.

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