Is Landon Barker Gay? Exposing Bits of Gossip About His S*xual Direction!


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One such figure who might have impacted a large number of you to listen to Western music is Travis Barker. His child, Landon Barker, has carried on his dad’s musical and rapping legacy. He’s likewise notable on the internet for his singing and web-based entertainment presence.

Landon Barker has kept a prominent because of his music and his famous guardians. The young star, however, is oftentimes examined in regards to his s**ual direction.

Internet users have frequently overwhelmed the web with comparable inquiries regarding him. A considerable lot of Landon Barker’s fans have been contemplating whether he is gay or straight. We should actually look at inside it and see what we find.

In this article, we are discussing ‘is landon barker gay or not’. Check the full article given beneath:-

Who Is Landon Barker?

Landon Barker is a notable web-based entertainment star and television star. His folks, vocalist Travis Barker and entertainer Shanna Moakler (his ex and Miss USA 1995) carried him into the public eye. People also believe that Travis Barker is gay!

As of late, however, he has turned into the topic of discussion not so much for his expert but rather for his confidential life. There has been hypothesis that Barker is gay because of tales about his s**ual direction.

is landon barker gay

Is Landon Barker Gay?

No, Landon Barker isn’t gay. Landon hasn’t referenced his inclination for hetero friendship. Some TikTok recordings of Barker with YouTuber Mikey Tua started bits of gossip that he was gay.

It has been generally hypothesized that Barker is gay and dating a lesbian named Tua. As indicated by reports, both of them teamed up on a TikTok, the name of which audio cue was “Use this sound in the event that you like men.” A few recordings might be seen on YouTube demonstrating that Barker is gay and engaged with Mikey.

Barker and his girlfriend Charli D’Amelio have separated, as per a YouTube video posted by Jan Smith. There have been a few tales about this, yet Barker has stayed quiet. Accordingly, neither his s**uality nor his association with Mikey Tua can be established with conviction.

Landon Barker’s Girlfriend!

Landon Barker is dating TikTok star Charli D’Amelio. As per a few of their companions and colleagues, several has as of late started dating.

Together, they were spotted leaving Barker’s occasion regarding his coordinated effort with boohooMAN on June fifteenth, 2022. This provoked hypothesis that they were a couple. They kept on giving shows before crowds.

In the wake of seeing that the two of them got tattoos from a similar artist around a similar time, many were persuaded. At last, on June 27th, a source near the pair affirmed their relationship status to Individuals Magazine.

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“They’re dating, yet it’s still early,” the source expressed. Another source let us know Weekly the next day that Barker and D’Amelio are “exceptionally relaxed” and “having some good times hanging out and getting to know one another.”

On July fourth, D’Amelio affirmed their relationship status as dating on Instagram. She displayed many pictures from the Fourth of July festivity facilitated by Enthusiasts Chief Michael Rubin. In the photographs, she was seen spending time with her accomplice, her loved ones, and their buddies.


is landon barker gay

Landon Barker’s Dating History!

The American artist began dating Devenity Perkins around the same time (2016). Perkins is the younger sister of American entertainer Daniella Perkins and a web-based entertainment star by her own doing.

All the more explicitly, Barker and Devenity were just together for a concise period. It shows up, however, that their decision to head out in different directions was neighborly since they keep on following another on Instagram.

There were no gossipy tidbits about Barker dating again until early 2020, long after his separation with Heavenliness. Theories about him dating an online entertainment star called Danielle Cohn surfaced in February 2020.

After Barker imparted a couple photographs of herself to Cohn on February 9, 2020, bits of gossip started to circle that the two were a thing. The couple stayed quiet on the sentiment hypothesis. Cohn likewise has a boyfriend named Bricklayer Patterson.

Landon Barker and His Girlfriend Charli D’Amelio Relationship Course of Events!

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Landon Barker is supposedly in a relationship with Charli D’Amelio, a famous American online entertainment star. Their relationship news previously started when they were spotted at Travis’ show in Los Angeles on June 2022.

Not long after their relationship news started standing out as truly newsworthy, Landon’s ex Pursue Hudson seemed to erase a new snap of him and Barker. It was a mirror selfie from Travis and Kourtney’s wedding in May 2022.

Besides, Barker and Charli’s relationship again came into the spotlight when the lovebirds seemed to get tattoos together, posting photographs of their individual ink. Afterward, they were detected on various occasions having great times. In this way, Individuals exclusively affirm that they are in a relationship. Just following a day, they were seen clasping hands in New York.

is landon barker gay

On July 4, 2022, Landon and Charli went to Michael Rubin’s ritzy party in the Hamptons. On July 10 of that very year, they made TikTok together interestingly and imparted it to the general population. At long last, on July 15, 2022, the pair made their relationship official by posting a clasp on TikTok. This was confirmed by the secret girlfriend herself!

From that point forward, Landon and Charli have not wondered whether or not to transparently show love for one another. We can track down Landon on Instagram as @landonasherbarker, and he has additionally imparted a few snaps to his girlfriend.

Bits of Knowledge on Landon Barker’s Previous Issues!

Charli D’Amelio is not the primary love of Landon Barker, as he had a few undertakings previously. He was in a relationship with high schooler entertainer Devenity Perkins. Their sentiment started in 2016, and they had areas of strength for a. Together, the previous pair made recordings and shared them on TikTok.

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After some season of being together, they chose to part away. Following his detachment from Perkins, Barker was connected with adolescent entertainer and model Natalia Muriithi. They were seen clasping hands openly in a few spots, because of which their dating tales ignited. In any case, there is no reality about it.


Landon Barker is a notable online entertainment star and television star, however there has been hypothesis that he is gay because of tales about his s**ual direction. He is dating TikTok star Charli D’Amelio, however, neither his s**uality nor his association with Mikey Tua can be established.

Barker and D’Amelio were spotted together at a celebration in 2022, prompting theory that they were a couple. On July fourth, they affirmed their relationship status as dating.

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