Is Karol G Dating Feid? Exploring Rumors And History of The Colombian Singer’s Romance!


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Is Karol G Dating Feid. Why did they dance so close to the concert? Why Karlo G dedicated a song for Fied. Find out the most recent information about Karol G’s love life! The Colombian singer is rumored to be dating Feid, but has she been linked to anyone else before him?

Is Karol G And Feid Dating Each Other?

Currently, neither Feid nor Karol G has issued a statement regarding the rumors of their romantic involvement. It appears that their intense chemistry during their performances was merely for show and captured by the cameras.

Feid has previously addressed the rumors to reporters, stating that if he had anything to share, he would make it public. However, he clarified that their relationship was limited to working on a song together and being on tour, and while he has affection for her, there is nothing more to it than that.

Feid and Karol G’s Viral Performance Fuels Romance Rumors

Feid and Karol G performed on stage together, and a video of them dancing went viral on social media. This has led to fans speculating that they are a couple. Furthermore, some fans have interpreted Karol’s most recent song, ‘Tus Gafitas,’ as a reference to Feid, fueling the rumors.


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Feid and Karol G recently performed together at a concert in Puerto Rico. Karol G had just finished the final leg of his “Strip Love” tour at San Juan’s Hiram Bithorn Stadium when she brought out Feid as a surprise guest. Fans are now hoping that the two Colombian artists are romantically involved after a video of them dancing on stage went viral.

Did Karlo G Seem To Confirm His Relationship With Fied?

During a concert, Karol G dedicated “Tus Gafitas” to Feid, which fans have taken as confirmation of their relationship. This announcement came after months of speculation about their relationship status.

Is Karol G Dating Feid

On that day, the Colombian superstar began a series of concerts at Puerto Rico’s Estadio Hiram Bithorn. Feid was invited to perform as a special guest, and the two sang “Friki” together. In a viral video clip, Karol G can be seen perreando (s*xily dancing) with Feid while singing the reggaeton hit. Feid can be heard saying to her at one point, “You dance la más chimba with me.”

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In addition to their steamy performance, Karol G made a revelation that added to the speculation. During the concert, she disclosed that one of the songs on her album, “Mañana Será Bonito,” was written about Feid. As she sang the track “Tus Gafitas,” she announced to the crowd, “This song is for Feid!”

Karol Co-Writes ‘Tus Gafitas’, Teases New Romance With Feid

Karol G, the Colombian singer, co-wrote the song “Tus Gafitas” with Finneas, Billie Eilish’s brother and long-time producer. The pop-rock song talks about finding love again after experiencing heartbreak. After her split from Anuel AA, Karol G was linked to Feid last year. before the release of “Tus Gafitas”

Karol G teased the song in a video where Fied wore white Oakley sunglasses. Feid and his new style have become associated with Oakley sunglasses and the color green. On her Instagram story last month, she called “Tus Gafitas” his favorite song on the album Mañana Será Bonito with a green heart emoji.

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Fans on Twitter expressed their joy at the news, with one stating that it made their heart happy. Another fan compared their alleged romance to Bad Bunny’s recent sighting kissing Kendall Jenner, saying that if Karol G and Feid are a couple, it would “heal the wounds of whatever Bad Bunny is out there doing.”

History Of Karlo G Romance

According to a report from The U.S. Sun, before beginning a relationship with Feid, Karol G was romantically linked to Bull nene, a Colombian composer. The report states that the two were in a relationship from February 2018 to September 2018. In 2017, there were rumors that the Tusa singer was dating J Balvin, also a Colombian singer, but neither of them confirmed the speculation.

Is Karol G Dating Feid

Karol G’s most significant and longest-lasting romantic relationship was with Anuel AA. The musician and Karol G started dating in 2018 after meeting on the set of their music video “Culpables,” and their relationship lasted nearly three years. They even gave fans a glimpse into their private life in a homemade music video for their song “Secreto.”

Karol G and Anuel AA, who were engaged in April 2019, ended their nearly three-year-long relationship in April 2021, as per social media announcements made by both of them. Anuel revealed the news of their split during an Instagram live session, stating that they had tried to recover their lost relationship but took different paths in the end.

Fans Want Karlo To Rekindle Love In Her Life

In conclusion, while rumors of romantic involvement between Karol G and Feid have been circulating, neither of them has confirmed anything. Fans continue to be curious about Karol G’s love life, and only time will tell if there is any truth to the rumors surrounding her and Feid.

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