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Is Joel Osteen Getting Divorce?| Explanation of Rumors

Joel Scott Osteen is a famous American multimillionaire pastor, televangelist, businessman and author who was born on 5th March, 1963. He is based in Houston, Texas. Till 2018, television sermons of Osteen were seen by about 10 million viewers in the US and more in around 100 countries per week. He has also written some best- selling books.

The rumors of Joel Osteen and his divorce have been in the air. The buzz is building up since February. Joel Osteen didn’t pursue preaching originally. But when his father died, he noticed the congregation and so many people liked his teaching.

The preaching of Joel Osteen led to the Lakewood church programs that were being broadcasted around 100 countries worldwide.

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Joel Osteen is married to a girl named Victoria Osteen. Osteen preaches filling in the shoes of his father at Lakewood Church. Victoria is a social media sensation. Usually, she posts video so many videos of singing with her husband at the Lakewood Church.

Now, let’s break down the circumstances of Divorce that has been rumored between the lovely couple for months………………………..

Just scroll down to know about it…………………………

Is The Joel Osteen-Victoria Divorce Rumor True?

Obviously, we don’t think so. Joel Osteen married to a girl named Victoria in April 1987. They both have 2 children named Johnathan Osteen and Alexandra Osteen. The rumors are not new. They have been here from a time and come again. Even, the couple gets through these rumors for 3 decades.

The relationship of Joel Osteen and Victoria is something the other couples should look up to. They have taken care of each other in an extraordinary ways. Still these rumors climb up for almost no reasons at all.

Victoria described their love as something built to keep their relationship alive. They have enough time and adjusted to the situations. They both carried the Lakewood Church. Joel lost himself to cheer everyone around them. This helps them to get another chance to live.

Victoria joins Joel with Women Ministry of Lakewood. The couple established strong career together. After getting this loving info about the couple, could you say that they divorce?

Prediction of Joel Osteen Regarding the Divorce

Joel Osteen is in a healthy relationship with his wife. Divorce is the only way out of the picture. They are strong together. But this doesn’t mean that Joel Osteen is completely against the divorce as a preacher. Taking an example from his father-

His father was married to Emma Jean Shaeffer before getting married to the mother of Joel. This incident has an effect on Joel as a controversial subject, especially for pastors.

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On his side, Joel thinks of the divorce which is needed at times. He doesn’t clearly see it as ideal but not to feel disgrace about them. Joel believes that one should move on when they find someone not fit for them……………

They should deal with the situation honestly and should found suitable people for themselves. They should live happily with whomever they want to be with…………..

Conclusion of the divorce of Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen

It is well explained that rumors are rumors. As long as the relationship of Joel and Victoria is strong, the divorce will remain a rumor. As per Joel, he earns approximately $70 million per year as a senior pastor in Church.

The income of both Joel and Victoria comes from books and the Lakewood Church. Joel wrote himself around 10 books. Among them, 5 books became New York Times best sellers. Joel received $200,000 salary from the church and his books became a huge success.

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The couple lives in a house which is situated in a Houston suburb named River Oaks. The house costs them around $ 10 billion. The 2nd house is in Tanglewood, Houston that costs around $2.9 million. Joel’s perception towards life is to live in prosperity.

The couple lives a luxurious life with fancy cars and huge mansions. Joel Osteen was criticized by the people to be rich as a prosperity preacher. Joel believes prosperity doesn’t mean to be rich. It only requires being healthy, having good kids and peace of mind. Money is a part of God and he believes human should get rewards for their good deeds……………………………..

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