Is Joe Simpson Gay? What More Do We Know About Joe Simpson?



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Jessica Simpson is accustomed to creating headlines; after all, the singer and fashion designer has been in the spotlight since she was a young adolescent. Simpson’s latest memoir, Open Book, which was published in February 2020, dropped some major life-changing bombshells. Her father, Joe Simpson, is one individual whose name appears frequently in the memoir.

In addition to being her father, Joe managed Jessica and her sister Ashlee for a long time. Yet for many years now, there have been persistent speculations concerning Joe Simpson’s sexual orientation, leading to universal curiosity among fans.

Is Joe Simpson Gay?

According to Page Six, Jess said that it isn’t her tale to tell and that they don’t discuss it together when the LA Times directly questioned her about her dad’s sexual orientation. Yet there have been persistent rumors for a long time.

Joe revealed he was bringing a male model as his “plus one” to the occasion in 2014, only three days before her wedding to Eric Johnson. He frequently shot them for his nascent photography company. Before viewing the wider picture, Jessica reportedly told her dad that this wasn’t an invited guest, according to Fox News.

In her book, Jessica writes, “I told myself that I needed to embrace my father for who he was while he sorted it out in real-time.”

But before Jess and Eric’s nuptials, there had been allegations of homosexuality.

This came about after RadarOnline published a 2012 article in which Bryce Chandler Hill, then 21 years old, boasted of having an ongoing relationship with Joe while he was married to Tina Ann Drew, Jessica’s mother. Joe vehemently disputed the accusations, and friends contended that Bryce was taking advantage of Joe to get notoriety.

Joe was compelled to deny that he was gay and that this was the reason he and Tina were breaking up.

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Is Joe Simpson Gay

What More Do We Know About Joe Simpson?

For starters, Joe has developed a reputation for flashy attire and a sometimes dubious personal style, unlike his fashion designer daughter. He is Jessica’s father, but he was also her manager from the beginning of her career until she sacked him in 2012.

He later battled prostate cancer in 2016, and it appears that since then, the father-daughter relationship has improved.

Is Joe Simpson Gay

Joe Is No Longer Jessica’s Manager

Joe inevitably appears frequently in Jessica’s life story because it is obvious that he has played a significant role in her life. Jess discusses the contentious matter of letting him go as her manager among other interesting subjects like her parents’ divorce.

He believed I was carrying out my mother’s desires, but he had made some awful bargains for me, she says. I knew I had to take the initiative to move forward with ownership of my own profession, she continued, “but it took approximately five times to genuinely dismiss him before the message sank.”

A major step for the two of them, especially given that most of the music is about their relationship, according to Jessica, she shared the music released with her audiobook with her father. The anguish of him leaving her mother is discussed in the song Practice What You Preach.

Wishing them both success and love on their path to recovery!

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