Is Joe Jenkins Gay? Joe’s Se*uality Prompts Responses On Twitter



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One of the actors of MTV’s Siesta Key, Joe Jenkins, recently revealed his sexual orientation to the other cast members.

The MTV show is renowned for its sympathetic portrayal of everything from relationships developing to cast members making significant decisions, like Chloe departing.

When Joe presented a special someone to his co-stars on the most recent episode (June 23rd), many fans could sense his emotions.

Here at Trending News Buzz, we explore Joe’s life, his sexuality revelations, and fan reactions to the Siesta Key news.


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Joe Divulges His Se*ual Orientation

The Siesta Key actor opened up about his sexuality to Juliette and Serena, as well as introducing an “essential” character to the programme.

Later, he admitted that he had “always been drawn to beauty.”

He tweeted about the incident at the time:

Even if I still flirt with girls, people believe that I am gay because I do so with boys. I love people’s beauty, therefore please give me life.

Along with saying “yo dude can’t commit,” Joe added, “I do love Stef though. She has been ideal for me. I simply mess up more frequently than not.

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Is Joe Jenkins Gay?


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Joe does not ascribe to being exclusively gay.

Though the MTV personality clarified that he is fluid with both genders, some fans had thought that Joe was gay.

He continued by saying that he considers himself to be bisexual, which means that depending on who “excites him,” he is attracted to both men and women.

He encouraged viewers to ask questions if they so desired before the release of the Siesta Key episode in which he revealed his sexual orientation to Juliette and Serena.

“I’m truly inquisitive and not being impolite,” a fan questioned him. Since I identify as gay, I’ve always wondered if you’re straight or bi. Would you mind verifying?”

Joe spoke to them:

Depending on what helps you understand me better, I’m either bi or fluid. Whoever stimulate me – emotionally, psychologically, or physically – I appreciate and am interested in. I just want to be happy right now.

Joe’s Se*uality Prompts Responses On Twitter

While Joe’s se*uality was supported by Siesta Key viewers, others were still unsure of Joe’s se*ual orientation.

Wait so Joe’s not gay? a viewer remarked. #SiestaKey.” Other admirers confirmed in comments that they think he is bisexual.

“Uhhhhhhh I thought Joe was GAY AF, myself!” My bad #SiestaKey,” another supporter commented.

Another person posted, “JOE IS A FLUID KING!!!” to express their opinions. WE LOVE TO WATCH IT! #siestakey.”

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