Is Jamie Campbell Bower Married? Meet Jess Moloney!


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Anybody who has seen Stranger Things realizes Jamie Campbell Bower well. He’s the actor who plays Peter Ballard in the Netflix unique Network program. Fans will likewise remember him from the Sundown adventure as well as the Harry Potter film franchise.

As far as Jamie’s acting career, he really understands what he’s doing. Individuals are presently keen on figuring out more about his own life … including who he’s dating. This is the thing everybody ought to be familiar with his girlfriend.

Who Is Jamie Campbell Bower’s Girlfriend? Meet Jess Moloney.

Anybody who’s been keeping their fingers crossed that Jamie may be single is in store for some awful news. He’s in a relationship with a lady named Jess Moloney.

As indicated by HITC, she’s an inventive specialist who’s been sincerely connected to Jamie for the beyond year and a half. Jess has a great career. She is the prime supporter of Ice Studios. The organization has workplaces situated in both London and New York and fills in as an imaginative local area for artists.

is jamie campbell bower married

At this point, Jess has more than 28,600 followers on Instagram. She doesn’t normally post pictures of herself, yet when she does, it’s sort of nothing to joke about. Clearly she views her career in a serious way since a large portion of the pictures posted on her feed are clients associated with Ice Studios.

She likewise views her relationship in a serious way founded on one of her new pictures posted on July 18, 2022. In the image, she is standing near Jamie as they go to an occasion for Holy person Laurent.

Who Has Jamie Campbell Bower Dated Before?

Despite the fact that clearly Jamie’s relationship with Jess is extraordinarily critical to him right now in his life, she wasn’t generally the main woman in his life. He really has a history of dating other renowned ladies.

One of those ladies happens to be Bonnie Wright, otherwise known as Ginny Weasley. While Jamie and Bonnie were recording Harry Potter and the deathly hallows: Part 1 together, they fostered a very close bond on the set, as indicated by Elle.

They prodded serious dating reports when they made an appearance to the BAFTAS together, yet they didn’t affirm the reality of their relationship until 2010. In 2011, they got connected after he asked about getting hitched, and she said OK.

Tragically, the couple went to pieces in 2012 preceding they made it down the aisle. The explanations behind the split are obscure, however they obviously finished things on an agreeable note. Not too lengthy after Jamie and Bonnie tapped out, he began dating Lily Collins. They met in 2012 while shooting The Human Instruments: City of Bones.

is jamie campbell bower married

They reported that their relationship was true in 2012, however after a year in 2013, they separated. As a matter of fact, they cut off their friendship a couple of days before their film debuted in theaters. Two or after three years in 2015, they accommodated, however by the beginning of 2018, they chose to end things for good.

Presently, Jess is the explanation Jamie is at this point not single and ready to blend.

Jamie Campbell Bower Unnerved Stranger Things Fans As Vecna Yet Is the Netflix Actor Married?

Jamie Campbell Bower joined the cast of Stranger Things for its hit fourth season which made its large presentation in May 2022. The Netflix science fiction show uncovered the convoluted real personality of Bower’s personality Peter Ballard in the midseason finale, stunning supporters across the world. Here’s everything is familiar with the actor’s affection life.

Stranger Things fans were paralyzed when it was uncovered Peter Ballard, a young representative at the lab where Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) was investigated, was, as a matter of fact, 001.

Telling her how he was being held there despite his desire to the contrary, El assisted him with getting away yet much to her dismay he had the goal of killing the kids in general and staff.

The two powerhouses got into a battle and El had the option to dominate the competition, notwithstanding, she consequently made a way to the Topsy turvy and tossed 001 inside.

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is jamie campbell bower married

As he fell into the sinister world, 001 was changed into Vecna, the animal killing weak young people in Hawkins.

Is the Stranger Things Vecna Star Jamie Campbell Bower Married?

Peter Ballard, otherwise called 001 and Vecna, is played by Sundown and Harry Potter star Jamie Campbell Bower.

The 33-year-old actor isn’t married however he is in that frame of mind with girlfriend Jess Maloney.

She is the prime supporter of the imaginative local area Ice Studios and two or three has been dating for over a year.

Bower hasn’t shared any subtleties of their relationship however they aren’t modest about showing up in open together.In 2021, they went to a Hollywood screening of the thriller The Dark Telephone and Maloney likewise went with Bower to the Stranger Things season four debut recently in New York.

Most as of late, the couple was spotted kissing on an ocean side in Malibu, California, in their surf suits.

So it seems their sentiment is going from one solidarity to another as Bower’s career keeps on flourishing.

However, this isn’t whenever the Stranger Things first star’s relationship has grabbed the eye of people in general.

is jamie campbell bower married

Does Jamie Campbell Bower Have a Girlfriend?

From the people who transport him with Joseph Quinn to the individuals who long for their own opportunity to meet (and conceivably enchanting) a VIP, ‘Stranger Things’ fans are excited about diving more deeply into the individual existence of Jamie Campbell Bower – the actor behind the show’s final stage antagonist.

The actor has become one of the most recent squashes of ‘Stranger Things’ fans since the debut of season 4, where he depicted Vecna – the greatest and baddest antagonist we have at any point found in the show.

While presently getting a charge out of ‘Stranger Things‘- prompted ubiquity, Jamie Campbell Bower is likewise cherished for his parts in the Dusk adventure and the Harry Potter motion pictures. Presently, he and his manly relationship with Joseph Quinn are the Internet’s new sweetheart, yet is the actor’s heart still open?

For those expecting an opportunity: no, it’s not. Bower has been dating his ongoing girlfriend, Jess Moloney, for over a year. Moloney is the prime supporter of Ice Studios – a “imaginative local area of artists, with homes in New York and London”.

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