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Is Jaden Smith Gay And Dating Anyone?


David Mudd

No offense every one of us more or less like controversial gossips. And if that comes about Hollywood stars then the world starts to wait for that. People like me, needless to say, eagerly want to know what’s going on. However, we know that Jaden Smith is always been a controversial figure in the world. He is again in the center of the hot topic with his sexuality. This time the question is, Is he gay? If yes, them whom he is dating? I gather every bit of information possible for you. Check it out.

Who Is Jaden Smith?

Some of you who are not familiar with this may wonder who he is. Well, Jaden Christopher Syre Smith aka Jaden Smith is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, and actor. He is also the son of a famous Hollywood couple Will Smith and Jeda Pinkett Smith. He was born on 8th July 1998 in Malibu, California. Jaden started his career in 2002.

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Jaden Smith

Jaden is a multi-talented artist. He first appeared in the movie “The Pursuit of Life” with his father Will Smith. After that, he saw him in many films as well. Some of them are “The Karate Kid” along with Jackie Chan, “After Earth” with his father, “The Get Down”, “Neo Yokio” as voice actor, etc.

As for his Music career, Jaden rapped win Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” which was on No. 8 in Billboard hot 100 in 2010. Jaden’s debut music album is “Syre”. He also works with Willow Smith (his sister), Childish Gambino, Tyler, the Creator, ASAP Rocky, Kid Cudi, and Raury.

Is Jaden Smith Gay? Who He Is Dating?

When it comes to Jaden’s dating life, it is far more controversial than anything. In the past, he was found with many celebs like Odessa Adlon, Sarah Snyder, Kylie Jenner, n all. But the shocking news was, last year Jaden suddenly declared Tyler as his partner when he (Tyler) won Grammy. Jaden tweeted “My guy just won a Grammy”. This tweet made fans think about how dedicated Jaden towards Tyler.

This news was an upsetting one for Jaden’s female followers while it is quite also shocking For Will Smith. Although Will always been a supportive parent to his children. Jaden is always a stereotype-breaker as well Tyler. They passed their teenagers together and always fond of each other since then. However, although, they indirectly declared their relationship, but didn’t give any official confirmation. All we can do is assume what is going to happen next.

Jaden Smith