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In the last few years, Jack Harlow has become very famous. The 2020 single “What’s Poppin” was the first big hit for the First Class singer. The smash hit song spread like wildfire on the video-sharing site TikTok.

Soon after that, in the same year, Harlow released his first studio album, That’s What They All Say. Last year, he worked with Lil Nas X of Old Town Road on a song called “Industry Baby.”

Come Home the Kids Miss You was Jack’s second studio album. It came out in May of this year. First Class, the first single from his album, was his second number-one single on the Hot 100 and his first number-one debut. Keep reading if you want to learn more about the singer’s personal life.

is jack harlow gay

Is Jack Harlow Gay?

Not too long ago, the Churchill Downs singer was the host of Saturday Night Live and sang on the show. He even got to perform on SNL last year during an episode that Maya Rudolph was in charge of.

Jack started his speech by saying, “It’s been a big year for me.” He was wearing tiny glasses and a huge grey suit. A lot of people have been calling me the goat, but they don’t mean the “Greatest Of All Time.” They are talking about the goat in Narnia.”

Harlow also talked about his fellow singer Lil Nas X and talked about the dating rumors that started when their song Industry Baby came out. He added, “I’ve also heard that people try to pair me up with Lil Nas X as a couple.”

The singer for Nail Tech laughed at the rumors and gave them more fuel at the same time. He laughed about the rumors and then said, “But I’ll tell you right now: no.”

Jack said that the night he worked with Lil Nas X was “one of the best of my whole life.” He went on to say, “Everything that happened between us was casual and agreed upon. Working with him was one of the best nights of my life.” So Jack Harlow seems to be straight.

Jack Harlow said that some people didn’t want him to work with Lil Nas X, who is also a rapper.

Jack Harlow told GQ in an October 2021 interview that some people didn’t want him to work with Lil Nas X. He even talked about the fact that being gay is still a taboo in hip-hop.

The Already Some Friends singer told the news outlet, “I just realized that some people see the world in a very different way than I do. Some people think that certain things should not be done.”

Jack went on to say, “There are some people who, at their core, don’t hate gays, even if they don’t want to hurt any gays and don’t care about religion. But I have never been like this. Never.”

Harlow talked about the That’s What I Want singer’s sexuality in an interview with The Guardian. She said, “The totally inappropriate reaction to him shows that we still have some work to do.”

The Dua Lipa singer added, “And you hear it in passing, there’s still homophobia going on. But he is taking the hit that artists in the future won’t have to take. He is a hero because of this.”

A Glimpse of His Early Years of Life

Jackman Thomas Harlow was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on March 13, 1998. He was raised on a horse farm near Shelbyville by Maggie (nee Payette), a businesswoman, and Brian Harlow. Clayborn Harlow is the only brother he has who is younger. He comes from both the French and the Irish.

Harlow and his family moved from Shelbyville to Louisville when he was a child. He started rapping when he was 12 years old. He and his friend Copelan Garvey recorded rhymes and songs with a Guitar Hero microphone and a laptop. They made a CD called Rippin’ and Rappin’ and sold copies at their school, Highland Middle School. When Harlow was in the seventh grade, he bought a professional microphone and used the name Mr. Harlow to make his first mixtape, Extra Credit. He put together a group of friends called Moose Gang. During this time, he worked on two mixtapes, Moose Gang and Music for the Deaf, that were never released. He went to Atherton High School and was on the varsity soccer team for boys.

is jack harlow gay

Charity and Civic Engagement

Harlow is a supporter of the political movement “Black Lives Matter.” He went to a rally to protest the death of Breonna Taylor, who was killed in his hometown. Harlow has said that, as a white person, he “can never truly know what [the experience of racism] is like” and that, as a white rapper, it is his job to keep this in mind when making music.

In October 2021, Harlow gave money to five organizations in Louisville: AMPED, the Center for Women and Families, the Grace M. James Academy of Excellence, the Louisville Urban League, and Metro United Way. Harlow announced his plans to donate by saying, “People need hope, they need love.” He talked about how much he loves and is proud of his hometown. KFC and Instagram have promised to match up to $50,000 of what Harlow raises using the fundraising tool on Instagram.

Harlow, KFC, and Yum! Brands gave a total of $250,000 to the American Red Cross in December 2021 to help people who had been hurt by a deadly tornado in the western part of Kentucky.

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