Is Investing In Cryptocurrency Worthy to Take a Risk?


David Mudd

Digital currency has erupted in the world of finance. Many services nowadays already accept crypto payments, and those which don’t accept them directly (such as American BitPay) begin to allow crypto debit cards.

No wonder it is such a popular target for trading. Being swiped away by the wave of excitement, many people start to trade. The only thing that makes such trades unfortunate is the lack of preparation.

But what do you have to prepare? How do you get ready?

Various sources would tell you to rely on your luck and take a risk. However, we tend to believe the other sources that claim there is no success without formal learning of the sphere and understanding how cryptocurrency functions. And it is so in every sphere of life – hard work beats luck in the end.

This read is for you if you seek the answers to your questions about trading and doubt if it is right for you to invest. Here we will share some recommendations and help you realize if the crypto trading business is suitable for you personally.

Key Factors Determining Success Of Trades to Think Over Before Trading

Sometimes, the craze around cryptocurrency can make you think you would miss something great if you don’t dare to invest. But is it true?

The famous FOMO, or fear of missing out, has affected so many investors and led them to the financial crash that, judging from their experience, it is better to miss this chance. Some people take out loans from banks. Some try to convert all their commodities to cryptocurrency. The list of extremes can go on and on.

But we are here to talk about adequate investing. About trading that you can perform without the fear of losing everything or going broke.

Here are the factors that decide if your trade would bring anything good.

Factor #1. Being educated about cryptocurrency.

Knowledge is power, right? You can’t achieve anything steady if you don’t know what digital currency is based on, what technology it uses, and how to invest in it wisely. So, the first thing making trades successful and, in some way, reducing the risks is your learning.

But don’t just learn pieces of info from random sources. Take complete courses, consult reliable websites, find out what strategies appear to be most effective. All of it in unity makes trading rewarding.

Factor #2. Start to invest with small sums of money.

There is no need to rush when it comes to severe trades. Experts who have been studying the sphere for quite a long time often say that there is always a high risk present in crypto trading. The currency is the type of asset that is high both in risk and reward. Generally, you are advised to begin with 1-2 percent.

What is more, they say you should not worry about crypto coins’ price volatility. Yes, you can monitor the prices and other cryptocurrency signs but never lose heart if this parameter doesn’t look exactly as you want it. Volatility is the nature of cryptocurrency, just like rolling over is the nature of clouds. You don’t panic seeing the clouds move, do you?

The point we want to make is that small investment is not worse in any way. It is a brilliant way to practice and see how trading works. This also minimizes risks and teaches you to manage your emotions when waiting for profits.

Factor #3. Consult proven financial advisors.

As a beginner, you might need to have a person with rich experience helping you find your way around the world of trading. And while it is not easy to choose one, the Forbes guide will help you find someone you can trust.

But again, this whole ‘consulting thing’ is never a must. To add, you might even not follow their pieces of advice every time. Take things critically, have your own mind about relevant issues in trading. Still, having experienced people at your side and hearing their opinions is priceless for your learning and development as a trader.

Factor #4. Use official exchanges.

Just don’t go for the ones promising mountains of gold on the first day of your trading. There must be something wrong with them. Instead, such platforms as Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini, and Bittrex will provide you with reliable tools together with quick trading opportunities. They are legal, well known, and have earned a good reputation.

Another trustworthy option is BTC Superstar. This is a new platform where exchanges are easy to make on the go, even from your smartphone.


As you see now, trading is not a piece of cake.

It is challenging, tricky, risky, but unbelievably exciting. And if you are ready to accept risks, make small but intelligent investments, educate yourself, and don’t forget to check online instruments and choose official places for trading, the rewards will come.