Is Ice Spice Lesbian? Dating Rumors Of Ice Spice?


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Do you also want to know if Ice Spice gay and details about her personal life? Spice’s real name is Isis Gaston Spice. The Rap queen was born on January 1, 2000, in the Bronx, New York. Her father is from Nigeria, and her mother is from the Dominican Republic.  Spice developed an interest in pursuing a rap career at a young age, around seven years old, after being exposed to hip-hop artists like Lil’ Kim.

During her time in high school, she focused on improving her writing skills by writing poetry and honing her rap abilities. However, it wasn’t until she went to college that she began taking significant steps toward building a career in the music industry.

Is Ice Spice Lesbian?

Ice Spice is not homose*ual or gay. As far as Spice’s se*uality is she is not gay but one of her tweets indicated her being a queer person. It’s unclear where these rumors about her being gay originated from. Ice Spice is a woman, and there have been rumors linking her to a few popular men in the industry.

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Reports suggested that Caleb McLaughlin(whose dating life is making everyone curious), known for his role in the show “Stranger Things,” was Ice Spice’s boyfriend. They were seen together at Cardi B and Offset’s Fashion Night Out event in September 2022. However, since the end of 2022, there haven’t been any new updates or confirmations about their relationship.

Is Ice Spice Gay

As for Ice Spice’s romantic life, there were rumors about her dating Drake, but those rumors turned out to be false. It’s currently unknown who she is actually dating or if she is in a relationship.

Dating Rumors Of Ice Spice?

There were whispers that Ice Spice and Pete Davidson were seeing each other. However, those rumors turned out to be untrue and were actually just an “internet joke” that got out of hand.

 Lil Tjay(as he has good net worth) gifted Ice Spice a $150,000 watch as a friendly gesture to celebrate their collaboration on the song “Gangsta Boo” making it to the Billboard Hot 100. Both rappers have denied any romantic involvement and clarified that it was just a friendly gift. The song “Gangsta Boo” marked Ice Spice’s debut on the charts, and it entered the Billboard Hot 100 at position 82 in early February..

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There were also videos of Drake and Ice Spice spending time together in Toronto, which led some people to believe that they were a couple. However, neither Spice nor Drake confirmed their relationship publicly. It’s worth noting that after a few days, Drake unfollowed Ice Spice on Instagram, but Ice Spice still continues to follow Drake(whose latest 2023 single is out).

Ice Spice Views On Her Se*uality

Spice has been open and honest about her se*uality, and she doesn’t hesitate to talk about it. In September 2021, she posted a tweet asking about a term for being attracted to masculinity in women and femininity in men. This was just a small hint of what she would later reveal.Is Ice Spice Gay

During an interview, the rapper mentioned that she isn’t interested in conventional people and instead finds herself attracted to both “good boys and girls.”

After releasing her song “Bikini Bottom,” Spice filmed a video for Genius where she explained the meaning behind the song and discussed its lyrics. During the conversation, she proudly announced her se*ual orientation by saying, “They need to know – we’re here and we’re queer!”

Ice Spice Is A Rocking Singer

Spice’s song “Boy’s a Liar Part. 2,” which starred Pink Pantheress also became their first top 10 hits. In its second week on the chart, the collaboration between the rising star of drill rap and the English hyper-pop singer jumped from its previous position of No. 14 to a new high at No. 4. It marks the first time both singers have entered the top 10, and producer Mura Masa also makes his Hot 100 debut.

The music video for the song was released on February 3 and has gained over 51 million views on YouTube as of March 2023. The video showcases Pink Pantheress and Spice singing along to the song in various locations around New York. While Spice has been steadily gaining popularity, she has recently captured the attention of the media in the past few weeks or months

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