Is “I See You” Based On A True Story? Separating Fact From Fiction In The 2019 Thriller!


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Some people still wonder if the 2019 movie I See You Based On A True Story. Although the film “I See You”  shares some similarities with the story of Denver Spiderman, it was written by Graye from his imagination. In 1941, Theodore Edward Coneys killed Philip Peters after breaking into his home to steal food while Peters’ wife was in the hospital. Peters’ wife later noticed strange occurrences in the house and eventually moved out.

In July 1942, police found Coneys living in the Peters’ attic, where he had been hiding since the murder. While the story of Coneys and Peters is not identical to I See You, it could have inspired the phrogging storyline.

Is The Movie I See You” Based On A Real Life Incident?

The movie “I See You” is not a true story, although it incorporates some truthful elements like any other good film. The screenplay was written by Devon Graye, an actor, screenwriter, and filmmaker, and Randall developed the film from this script.

In 2019, Adam told Scream magazine that he believed the major plot twists in the film were written into the script and that he couldn’t take credit for them. He admitted that it was Devon Graye’s work. He also mentioned that the most difficult part for him was making the twists feel realistic and enjoyable.

“I See You”: From Script to Screen Which Seems So Realistic

According to an interview with The Movie Waffler, Randall was sent the script by a UK-based sales team. He stated that he read it the same day and couldn’t get it out of his head. The next day, he told producer Matt Waldeck about his enthusiasm for the script and how he envisioned it.

Waldeck asked him to join the project, and he agreed quickly and easily. However, the difficulties began when they had to make the film on a tight budget and in a short amount of time. The project fell apart and had to be rebuilt piece by piece.

Randall shared in an interview that during the script analysis process, they often questioned if certain elements would make sense to the audience. However, there were also moments of realization where they discovered flaws that needed to be changed before shooting began.

“I See You” Based On A True Story

While not wanting to spoil the film’s plot, it has been discussed that one of the major twists occurs halfway through the movie, where the mystery of strange occurrences in Harper’s home is solved by the revelation of uninvited human guests.

He stated that during the script analysis and breakdown, they would frequently wonder if it made any sense or if the audience would understand it. He also mentioned flashes of insight when he realized something didn’t make sense and that they needed to change it.

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Through these changes, he worked on improving the already impressive script, resulting in the final product. Tenney revealed in an interview with Scream that Randall would frequently gather with him and the other actors to discuss their characters. Randall gained a better understanding of the characters as a result, as the actors sometimes noticed things that he didn’t.

What Is the Plot Of The Movie “I See You”?

The plot of “I See You”, a film starring Helen Hunt and Jon Tenney, is reminiscent of a real-life murder case. The film tells the creepy story of two teenagers who live secretly in the Harper family’s home.

In the first half of the movie, we witness the terrifying events from one perspective, but in the second half, we see them through the eyes of teenage phroggers Mindy and Alec. Phrogging is a real-life crime where an individual secretly lives in someone else’s home without their knowledge, and it differs from squatting in that the property is already occupied.

The movie initially portrays the daily routine of the Harper family but later changes its focus to the proggers, Mindy (Libe Barer) and Alec (Owen Teague). Mindy, who is a character in the film, documents their life in the Harper house by recording a documentary.

The disappearance of a young boy in Ohio brings back memories of similar incidents 15 years ago when several boys went missing under similar circumstances and only two were found alive. Detective Greg Harper, played by Jon Tenney, is assigned to the case, which brings back painful memories for him because his family is already dealing with the fallout from his wife’s infidelity.

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As the investigation progresses, he joins forces with Spitzky, the detective who handled the case 15 years previously. Meanwhile, two proggers, Mindy and Alec, infiltrate Harper’s house without her family’s knowledge. Director Marc Forster, who has previously directed films such as “Quantum of Solace” and “World War Z,” and screenwriter Sean Conway collaborated on the script

Review Of Movie “I See You”

Critics have given the film positive reviews. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 79% approval rating based on 43 reviews, with a 6.4/10 average rating. According to the reviews, the film becomes entangled in its complex plot, but the solid cast and effective use of suspense and horror make it a worthwhile watch. The film has a Metacritic score of 65 out of 100 based on 8 critics, indicating “generally positive reviews.”

“I See You” Based On A True Story


Dennis Harvey of Variety called the movie “an eerie suspense exercise” that starts as a supernatural tale but surprises the viewers with its cleverly constructed plot. Stephen Dalton of The Hollywood Reporter praised the movie as a “finely crafted exercise in slow-burn suspense” with a cleverly designed plot that keeps the audience on their toes. Dalton also noted that the movie’s plot twists catch most viewers off-guard.

Where To Stream “I See You”?

The mystery film “I See You”, featuring actors Helen Hunt, Jon Tenney, and Judah Lewis, can be streamed on various platforms such as Netflix, ROW8, Apple TV, Redbox, Amazon Prime, and Vudu through your Roku device.

Box Office Performance And Release of “I See You”?

The movie made its debut at the SXSW Film Festival’s Midnighters section on March 13, 2019, before being released in theaters by Saban Films on December 6, 2019. Cinema Epoch Video released it on VOD on December 3, 2019.. Despite having a budget of $5 million, the movie only managed to gross $1.1 million.

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