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Is High Fidelity Season 2 Renewed?

“Now you’re my whole life. Now you’re my whole world… We’ll look back someday, at this moment that we’re in and I’ll look at you and say, ‘and I thought I loved you then.”

Nowadays, everybody love’s someone by heart. Don’t you? If you also love someone mention the name in the comment box……….

High Fidelity is one such series. It is an American romantic comedy streaming television series which is completely based on the novel of the same name of 1995 which is given by Nick Hornby. Initially, High Fidelity was aired on 14th February, 2020 on Hulu. High Fidelity completely follows the music fan, a store owner and Top 5 lists in the neighborhood of Crown Heights in Brooklyn.


After the premiere of the pilot season of High Fidelity, all the lovers of the series are excited to know about the next installment of High Fidelity. Keeping this eagerness in mind, here is everything about the 2nd Season of High Fidelity that you would like to know such as what happens in the 2nd Season, who are the characters, when will it come, is there any trailer of the 2nd Season or not…………..

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One interesting thing about this article is that it contains the IMDb rating of High Fidelity that may help you to get knowledge in case you missed the pilot season of the series.

You just have to scroll down to grasp the knowledge in more details………….

High Fidelity Season 2

I already told you that High Fidelity Season 2 is one of the best American romantic -comedy streaming TV series which is directed by Stephen Frears.

The stars of the series are Todd Louiso, Iben Hjejle, John Cusack, Lisa Bonet and Jack Black. These stars made the series demanding for all the fans (including me). After watching the film, Hornby reveals the expression of surprise how loyal to the original it is.

Don’t you want to know when the series will come with the 2nd Season? If you really want then here is the answer………

High Fidelity Season 2: The Premiere Date

High Fidelity was cancelled after 1st Season in August, 2020. So, there won’t be any 2nd Season of High Fidelity. This might be disappointing for all the fans who are waiting for the 2nd Season but now it will not come as it has been cancelled……..


Wish for any miracle that may bring it back…………

After reading this, I’m sure all of you (Okay not all most of you) really want to know more about the series……..Let’s start scrolling………

High Fidelity: The Plot

In High Fidelity, the story focuses on Rob Gordon who is a music loving man having poor understanding of women. When he was dumped by his girlfriend named Laura, he tries to understand how he failed in his relationship.

He works at his record store where all the customers drift through. He with his employees Dick and Barry armed with an encyclopedic knowledge all musical things. Vince and Justin, 2 shoplifting and skateboarding boys are annoyance to them till Rob listens to the recording they made. Rob fined for Laura and tries to win her again.

Laura’s father liked Rob but he dies. He attends his funeral with Laura. After the reception, Rob comes to know that he always had 1 foot out of the door. They again started living together. He wonders at the time of making a mixtape for Laura and jumps from one rock to another.

Rob proposed her for marriage. Laura arranges for him to revisit his love. He made a mixtape for her and finally comes to know how to make her happy.

High Fidelity: The Cast

  • John Cusack as Rob Gordon
  • Iben Hjejle as Laura
  • Jack Black as Barry Judd
  • Todd Louiso as Dick


  • Catherine Zeta-Jones as Charlie Nicholson
  • Lisa Bonet as Marie DeSalle
  • Sara Gilbert as Annaugh Moss
  • Lili Taylor as Sarah Kendrew
  • Joan Cusack as Liz
  • Tim Robbins as Ian “Ray” Raymond
  • Joelle Carter as Penny Hardwick
  • Chris Rehmann as Vince
  • Ben Carr as Justin
  • Natasha Gregson Wagner as Caroline Fortis

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High Fidelity: The Trailer

High Fidelity: The IMDb Rating

The IMDb Rating of High Fidelity is 7.7 out of 10 with total 8,116 votes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be the 2nd Season of High Fidelity?

No, there will not be any 2nd Season of High Fidelity as the series has been cancelled.


Why did the series (High Fidelity) get cancelled?

The number of viewers was less than expected is the main reason behind the cancellation of the series.

Final Words

High Fidelity is one of the best series which becomes demanding among all the fans but it would not come with the 2nd Season as it has been cancelled. It might be disappointing for all the fans that are waiting for it…..Let’s hope for any miracle that may satisfy the needs of the fans………

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