Is Graham Parkhurst Gay? Playing a Transparently Gay Person in ‘Glamorous’!


Saloni Singh

Glamorous” sent off on Netflix on June 22 — and is set to praise the strange local area.

Glamorous” takes the viewer on the excursion of Marco (Miss Benny), a yearning powerhouse who gets an amazing line of work with a cosmetics head honcho (Kim Cattrall) and starts a stunning excursion of self-discovery in the midst of work turmoil and heartfelt difficulties.

Canadian actor Graham Parkhurst, who has previously been on shows, for example, “Star Journey,” “S*x/Life,” “The Umbrella Foundation,” and “Supergirl,” among others, plays Parker, Marco’s love interest in the show.

“What I love about the job of Parker is that he isn’t an exaggeration. He’s just an ordinary, relaxed person who happens to be gay.” shares Parkhurst.

As a transparently gay male actor in the film and television industry, the show is a by and by significant one for Parkhurst.

“Having the opportunity to play a transparently gay person in a demonstration of this greatness is something I never suspected would be conceivable in my career as a Canadian actor.

There are sure cutoff points we have as actors in Canada. We don’t have a very remarkable star framework here, so reserving a bigger job on an American delivered project-and explicitly a gay person is one of those tough to find little item circumstances.” Parkhurst says.

“I am so appreciative for the experience and trust that once the world sees ‘Glamorous,’ an ever increasing number of chances like this will open up for actors, all things considered, and ideally we’ll see more Canadians in bigger jobs.”

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Promoted as your “next large gorge” by Cosmopolitan magazine, the show’s buzz is situating it for an enormous send off.

“I think the crowd will love this show. It’s goofy, eccentric, fun, sensational and just the perfect proportion of gay!” shares Parkhurst.

graham parkhurst gay

“I trust that anybody who feels ‘othered‘ can see themselves addressed. A ton of LGBTQIA2S+ stories focus on the injury looked as strange individuals, however Glamorous focuses on the love and acknowledgment which I think will resound well with crowds.”

This job of Parker is a vital one for Parkhurst. Not just sending off him to a higher level of his career, yet additionally to be cast close by a productive ability like Kim Cattrall.

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“Kim Cattrall is notable. She is a genuine legend, completely,” says Parkhust. “Offering the screen to her was a Canadian actor’s fantasy.”

Cattrall, who was initially brought into the world in England, spent quite a bit of her childhood on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Later on, the entertainer moved back to Britain, and began her acting career at London Foundation Of Music And Emotional Craftsmanship.

With the rise of web-based features and stages all the more readily sharing shows and content about the LGBTQIA2S+ people group, the effect and messages of advocating and support are exceptionally clear.

Also, Not Just During Pride Month!

“Customarily, we’ve been told to ‘remain in the storage room’ or ‘quiet down’ to prevail in the industry.” shares Parkhurst. “To have these new shows celebrating strange individuals is a flat out major advantage. Eccentric individuals have been around perpetually and it’s lovely to at long last see their accounts being featured.”

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Parkhurst accepts what’s in store is brilliant for portrayal in the film and Media business. “The world is loaded with a wide range of kinds of individuals. Previously, on screen, we didn’t get to see that for quite a while.

I have confidence that what we see on television and in films is before long going to precisely portray what we see in day to day existence. There’s space for everybody.”

Who Is Graham Parkhurst Dating?

From a glance through his new posts on Instagram, Parkhurst doesn’t appear to right now be in a relationship with anybody, however he could basically keep his own life hidden.

graham parkhurst gay

Since his personality in Glamorous is gay, viewers may be contemplating whether he’s gay in real life, as well. Parkhurst talked with Yippee! UK and expressed he’s straightforwardly gay.

He advised the distribution that getting to play a gay person in a show this celebratory of the LGBTQ+ people group was an extraordinary encounter:

Office Show Meets Relationship Issues in Netflix’s ‘Glamorous’!

In the new Netflix series, “Glamorous,” the rich orientation non-adjusting cosmetics artist and would-be powerhouse Marco Mejia (Miss Benny) has a directive for his followers: “Lock in, Bitches.”

At the point when his mom, Julia (Diana-Maria Riva), prompts 22-year-old Marco to get a “real work,” as opposed to sell cosmetics at the shopping center, he surprises everybody — including himself — by turning into the second assistant to Glamorous by Madolyn beauty care products Chief Madolyn Addison (Kim Cattrall).

Madolyn sees moxie in Marco, who knows cosmetics and figures out the brand’s customers. Also, Glamorous by Madolyn needs customers — because the whole organization might be going under except if they are offered to Vendemiaire. Marco additionally collides with Madolyn’s “gay however not ‘gay’” child, Chad (Zane Phillips), who doesn’t see the value in Marco turning into his mother’s number one.

Marco, obviously, likewise faces individual difficulties. His sprouting relationship with a studly finance brother, Parker (Graham Parkhurst) — who isn’t the straight kid Marco at first expects him to be — hits some disturbance because Parker may not be searching for “anything serious.”

Marco definitely disapproves of the manner in which Parker treats him, which work out (again and again) over the span of the season, yet Marco likewise contemplates whether he is falling head over heels for his colleague, Ben (Michael Hsu Rosen).

graham parkhurst gay

Ben has a keen interest in Marco and the partners cross a few limits at a clothing party they go to together.


Glamorous” is a satisfying and a simple to-gorge sugar rush of a series. The characters are charming, regardless of whether they will generally be overstated. (Chad, who is stacked, resolves shirtless in his office in more than one episode).

The series is likewise fabulously strange inclusive, highlighting a subsequent official sentiment between the bis*xual Venetia (Jade Payton), Madolyn’s effective and ambitious first assistant, and the more easygoing lesbian Britt (Ayesha Harris), who works in item plan with Ben.

Glamorous” likewise really looks at boxes for variety, with more BIPOC than white characters. Furthermore, there are not very many straight men.

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