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Is Go! Live Your Way Season 3- Cancelled or not?

Go! Live Your Way Season 3 – Go Vive a tu Manera

Do you like to Go! Live Your Way Season 3? I hope you all (Okay, not all most of you) like this by heart. So, let’s have a look over its background.

Firstly, I wish to give a great thanks to Netflix just because of its ability to produce successful young TV shows from a long period of time. ‘Go! Live Your Own Way’ is also called ‘Go Vive a tu, Manera’. Go! Live Your Way Season 3 is one of the shows that deserve special attention. It is the best show that reveals the first teen or high- school series in Argentina.

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Go! Live Your Way Season 3 has all the elements of love, drama, dance and music. Moreover, it is a musical series with a lot of fun. In other words, Go! Live Your Way Season 3 is an Argentinian musical and romance television series which is created and directed by Sebastian Mellino.

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In case if you have seen YA series like ‘Atypical’, ‘Sex Education’, ‘Everything Sucks’ etc., then definitely you want to go with Go! Live Your Way Season 3. This series is produced by Onceloops and Kuarzo Entertainment. The show is full of surprises.

After getting the basic detail don’t you want to know the story that what happens in this interesting series?

What actually happens in Go! Live Your Way Season 3?

In Go! Live Your Way Season 3, the story revolves around a musically skilled teenager named, Mia Caceres. Mia is a charming student. She wins a scholarship to study at a good (prestigious) academy. In that academy, her path for achieving success (goal) will not be easy and she will have to face a lot of problems or injustices that may stand in between her and her dreams.

Mia gets a scholarship to an elite performing arts school there she makes many close friends but clashes with the owner’s daughter, who is very popular. The academy is known for its privileged student body. Here Mia should find her own place and prove herself better than before.


I remember the first day of my new school; it was not stressful for me. But the situation completely contradicts with Mia. She has to face the politics that exist in high school. She takes on the popular girl at school by taking a little help from her best friends.

Are you thinking that Regina George was a rude mean girl, wait for a while and read about the popular Lupe? Then the decision is yours…………

Alvaro, Lupe’s brother, plays the sweetheart to Mia. But we know Mia is a talented girl and her talent will help her to achieve her big dreams. Lupe has her eye on Mia and tells her mother (The Principal) that Mai would not be good for our academy.

Let’s have a look on the cast/characters to grasp the knowledge in more detail……..

Cast/ Characters of Go! Live Your Way Season 3

We all know that characters play a significant role in the progress of any particular field. Therefore, read the article further to know the names of the leading characters of your favourite series.

  • Pilar Pascual as Mía Cáceres
  • Gastón Ricaud as Ramiro Achával
  • Laura Azcurra as Mercedes Taylor
  • Renata Toscano Bruzón as Lupe Achával
  • José Giménez Zapiola as Alvaro Paz
  • Santiago Saez as Juanma Portolesi
  • Carmela Barsamien as Zoe Celetian
  • Paulo Sanchez Lima as Simon


Above mentioned are the main characters of the story, Go! Live Your Way Season 3.

It’s time to watch the trailer of this fascinating series to make the day more comfortable and enjoyable.

The Trailer of 3rd Season of Go! Live Your Way

The official trailer of Go! Live Your Way Season 3 is not yet out. But I am going to share a video by which you will get some idea of the third season of this mind blowing series.

By the help of above video you can easily get some knowledge regarding the coming season.

One question revolves in my mind, & I think in your mind also.

When will it be on our screen? | Release Date of Go! Live Your Way Season 3

I know that you all (Okay, not all most of you) are excited to know the upcoming date of this interesting series.

Right now, we don’t have any official announcement for the release of the series yet. But after considering the popularity of the show, we expect the show might be renewed for one more season (3rd Season). In case it happens, our best guess is that, ‘Go! Live Your Own Way’ season 3 can release soon. As the final date comes, I will update this section as soon as possible.

Updates of Go! Live Your Way Season 3

There are lots of rumors regarding the 3rd season but you can get to know the answers of all rumors and all updates from the video given below……

Is God! Live Your Way Season 3 Cancelled or not?

After 1st and 2nd season of God! Live Your Way, the 3rd season is not yet confirmed officially.

Even though a third season had been announced in February 2020, but Pascual said in August 2020 that the series had been cancelled. Still due to the show’s impressive popularity, Live Your Way will be getting the 3rd season.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Go! Live Your Way Season 3?

Go! Live Your Way is an Argentinian musical and romance television series.

What is it about?

It is basically based on the struggles of Mia, faced to achieve her big dreams.

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Final Words

Go! Live Your Way Season 3 is one of the best series which is based on the Life of Mia. It reveals the problems faced by Mia to achieve her goal.

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