Is George Santos Gay? Discover About The Congressman Amidst Accusations of Toxicity And Hypocrisy!


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Is George Santos Gay? If yes, why he doesn’t fight for the Bill for LGBT? Has he lied about his life? Take a dive to get the info. Republican congressman from New York, George Santos, has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons. The conflicting public persona and private life of Santos were recently discussed in two publications.

George Santos Is Gay

Santos has declared himself to be out gay in public. Santos revealed during a Piers Morgan Uncensored interview that he wed a man in Nassau County, New York on November 30, 2021. He said that he has never run for office on the basis of being gay and that his sexual orientation has no bearing on his political position.

Congressman George Santos Accused of Toxic Relationships

As more men accuse Rep. George Santos of lying and using dishonesty to manipulate and trap them in toxic relationships, questions about the veracity of his biography are growing. According to reports, several of these alleged connections took place while the guys were still teenagers. In light of these claims, Santos recently told his Republican colleagues that he would be withdrawing from committee duties.

George Santos Gay

Several of the men who talked with ABC News claimed that they first encountered Santos when he was older and they were both younger and that he had gone by many identities, including Anthony Zabrovski. Leandro Bis, one of these individuals, claimed that in 2013, he was 19 when he first met Santos at a Manhattan club.

George Santos Lies In His Portfolio

Congressman George Santos, who is facing numerous accusations of lying about his background, stumbled over his wedding date and discussed his previous marriage to a woman during an interview with Piers Morgan. When asked if he was married, Santos nodded and said he would show Morgan a marriage certificate after the interview.


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He then stumbled over his wedding date, eventually stating that he was married to a man on November 30, 2021. Morgan then questioned Santos about his past marriage to a woman, to which Santos responded that it was a “personal, messy part of my life” that was on and off for a couple of years. Santos claimed that his sexuality was not relevant to his political role and that he had never campaigned on being gay.

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Santos also acknowledged that he had lied about some subjects, but attributed it to the demands of politics. Santos has been accused of fabricating his education, work experience, and religious heritage, among other things.

Did George Perform As Drag Queen?

15 years ago, Santos participated in drag queen competitions in Brazilian beauty pageants. Cross-dressing during the first gay pride parade in Niteroi in 2005 is where the now-congressman made friends with a Brazilian drag artist going by the name Eula Rochard, she claimed. Santos participated in a drag beauty competition in Rio de Janeiro three years later.

George Santos Gay

These claims are rejected by Santos, who labels them as “categorically wrong” in a tweet. Santos, according to Rochard, was a “poor” drag queen in 2005 who wore a basic black frock. Nonetheless, he came back to Niteroi in 2008 with a flashy pink dress and a lot of cash. Santos entered a drag beauty contest that year under the drag alias Kitara Ravache, however, she came in last.

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A well-known Brazilian drag performer named Eula Rochard claimed on social media that she had known George Santos, a US Congressman from New York, back when he went by the drag name Kitara Ravache, more than ten years prior. When Santos was a youngster and went by the name “Anthony,” Rochard said that they first met in 2005.

In a Brazilian publication, Rochard released a picture of them both dressed as drag queens. Santos entered a drag queen competition in 2008, but she came in second place, claims Rochard. While they were acquaintances, Rochard could not recall Santos ever having any political aspirations.

Is Santos A Hypocrite?

Santos is associated with the far-right side of the Republican Party, which has promoted policies that attack the LGBTQ population, and has been under criticism for faking most of his resume. Santos has expressed support for the Florida Republicans’ Parental Rights in Education bill,

This bill forbids the teaching of gender identity or sexual orientation in kindergarten through third grade. With his prior involvement in the drag queen scene, Santos has been criticized for supporting this law while simultaneously acting hypocritically.

Santos Has A Contradictory Personality

Contradictions made by George Santos are a reflection of the difficulties LGBTQ+ people have in conservative political groups. Conservatives and homosexual people can coexist, but it takes sincerity and authenticity. The example of Santos serves as a warning to politicians, to be honest with themselves and their supporters and not try to cover up their past or present.

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