In Hollyoaks, Is George Kiss Really Dead, And If So, Then How?



In this article, we will talk about George Kiss fate and also try to find out that Is it true, that George Kiss is really dead in Hollyoaks, if yes then how? What exactly happened to him? Who murdered him?

Callum Kerr‘s Hollyoaks character George Kiss has apparently dead. Callum Kerr played George Kiss.

The police officer, who relocated to the town around a year ago during the height of the County Lines drug crisis, quickly established himself as a respected part of the community, and he has been in a relationship with John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) for a number of months now.

When George encountered his ex-boyfriend Dean Vickers in September, viewers learned that he is not the charming and kind copper he is portraying himself to be. The audience found out about this when George talked to Dean Vickers. It was Dean who initially invited George to check out the concert (Paul Sloss).

After the completion of this incident, he immediately started being harsh and controlling toward John Paul. After an intense argument earlier in the week, John Paul found himself in the company of Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson), and after a drunken snog, he sobered up on the sofa of his former flat. This happened after John Paul and Ste Hay had a violent quarrel earlier in the week. husband’s

In the Channel 4 soap opera that aired on Friday night, John Paul and George had another fight, and in the end, John Paul found out that his partner had died while doing his job. In the last episode, John Paul’s friend was killed. But does everything really look the way it does?

is george really dead in hollyoaks

Is it true that George has passed away on the Hollyoaks television show?

George’s death is currently unknown. The Spring Trailer for the Channel 4 soap opera showed that the cop was going to marry John Paul. The trailer debuted in January.

Since the audience hasn’t seen these situations yet, a twist is likely.

In the segment that aired last night (April 20), John Paul was intent on making amends, so he went in search of his partner in order to talk to him about what had happened. On the other hand, ultimately he came across a sombre version of PC Smith while he was travelling.

After stating that he had some “bad news,” the police officer requested, “Can we go somewhere private?” and then left the room.

When John Paul saw the bag that contained George’s belongings, he became very anxious, and he demanded that the young police officer tell him the truth about what had transpired.

Officer Smith continued by saying, “[George] was involved in an incident that occurred today.” “[George] did not sustain any injuries.” He was deployed to a disagreement that ended up being a physical altercation.

“Please accept my sincere apology. George died.

Who killed George in Hollyoaks?

The fight that killed George happened off-screen and was fought by someone we don’t know the name of.