Is Gaming Good for Our Health?


Sandeep Singh

For millions of Australians, gaming is a common source of entertainment. However, while there have been plenty of negative connotations attached to gaming, research has been carried out to better analyse and learn the health impact of gaming on both adults and children. Thankfully for gamers, the results have been mixed. With that in mind, here are some of the potential health benefits you can gain from gaming, alongside the harmful effects.

Boosts Coordination

When you’re fully immersed in a game, players need to coordinate their physical, audial, and visual movement simultaneously. For instance, action games require players to move the keys or joystick while concentrating on what’s on the screen.

Improves Concentration

If you get stuck into a good video game, this can retain your attention for a long period. This enables you to concentrate better and ensure you meet the objectives and goals of the game. Whatever games you play, being able to focus for a long time can prove useful in other aspects of life. For example, in the office when you work.

Enhances Brain Speed

It’s also been said that gaming can enhance audial and visual memory. Players need to read and listen to instructions that may only be given at the start of the game. This means you’ll need to remember what was said throughout the whole game. For example, if you want to find an online casino Australia real money and have fun, you will need to fully understand how to play the game first.


The longer you play video games, the more chance you have of getting a migraine. This is because too much time staring at a screen requires intense concentration, which can put a huge strain on the eyes. If you are a gamer and have noticed you’re getting frequent migraines, it may be time to adjust how long you play. Regular breaks from gaming will give your mind a much-needed rest.


How you sit in your gaming chair can have a major impact on your posture. If you are slouched while playing, this can cause backache, which is something you don’t need when playing games. In fact, sitting in the same position for long periods can not only cause soreness and stiffness but lead to chronic back problems later down the line. If you’re suffering from backache, it’s time to get up and stretch your legs.

Weight Gain

For those who spend all their time gaming, too much time sitting down isn’t good for your weight. In fact, many gamers experience weight gain as a result. We all understand the value of regular exercise, so if you have noticed your weight creeping up, it’s time to do something about it. Incorporating physical activity between gaming is key for keeping your weight in check.

Ultimately, gaming can be a good and bad thing. This will depend on your gaming habits. Whatever games you enjoy playing, it’s always best to do so in moderation to reap the health benefits and prevent getting harmful effects.