Is Freevee Actually Free? Here’s the Truth About This Streaming Service!


Saloni Singh

Amazon Freevee is a free streaming service that has something for everybody. With thousands of famous Network programs and movies, you’re sure to track down something that suits your mind-set.

Did you had any idea that, notwithstanding Prime Video, Amazon also offers a totally free streaming service with thousands of hit movies, shows, and Originals? It’s called Amazon Freevee, and a promotion supported streaming service lets you observe a wide range of various movies and Television programs for free.

Interested in finding out more? The following is everything you really want to be familiar with Freevee.

What Is Freevee?

What is Freevee and how can it function? The short answer is Freevee is a free streaming service from Amazon. It’s presently accessible in the US and UK, and there are plans to send off it in Germany not long from now.

As streaming services up their prices – for instance, Netflix going up to £6.99 per month – Amazon hopes individuals will consider Freevee as it (like it says in the title) is free.

Is Freevee Actually Free? Here's the Truth About This Streaming Service

What Shows To Watch on Amazon Freevee?

With nearly 3000 titles, you’ll be spoilt for decision with movies and Television programs on Freevee.

You can appreciate family-most loved movies like Paddington, Addams Family Values and The Princess Lady of the hour, observe large name films like Knives Out and The Invisible Man, and marathon watch series like Schitt’s River, Psychos and The X-Files.

Plus, Freevee produces its own unique substance, appropriately named Freevee Originals. These originals incorporate the spy spine chiller series Alex Rider and wrongdoing program Bosch, and it’s dealing with a Post Malone show film to be released in the not so distant future.

Freevee has enormous plans to increase its unique substance by 70% this year, as well, and to add new titles consistently.

Unlike some free promotion supported video-on-request services, Freevee lets you watch the whole inventory of accessible programs. Peacock, for instance, is an AVOD service which offers shows like The Workplace and The Great Spot, in any case, you can’t watch each episode. You don’t have that issue with Freevee; you can marathon watch the whole six seasons of Dawson’s Rivulet assuming you need to!

With Freevee, you will not get the same extensive list in comparison to on the off chance that you paid for a subscription service. However, that will be expected, it’s free.

Is Freevee Actually Free? Here's the Truth About This Streaming Service

How To Get Freevee on Amazon Prime Video?

How might you watch Freevee? You can install Freevee on Amazon devices like the Amazon Fire television Stick and Amazon tablets, as well as on outsider devices, such as Android television boxes like MECOOL, Chromecast with Google television, LG and Samsung smart TVs, as well as some PlayStation and Xbox models.

Do you really want an Amazon record to watch Freevee? You do, and on the off chance that you have an Amazon Prime Video account, it’s far and away superior, as Freevee will already be availableThose of you using an Amazon Fire Stick will find that Freevee comes pre-installed on the gadget, with no choice to eliminate it.

You can access Freevee straightforwardly through the home screen and it should be easy to spot, as well, as it’s a dazzling yellow symbol.

Viewers using an outsider gadget, such as NVIDIA SHIELD, Chromecast with Google television or MECOOL, can find Freevee in the Google Play Store.

You can also download the Freevee application on your iOS or Android gadget.

User Experience on Freevee

Since it has become so obvious what content you can find on the service, I need to provide you with a superior thought of what the user experience is like. We should discuss the advertisements you’ll persevere, the user point of interaction and some tips for Freevee consumption.

How Awful Are the Ads?

The business breaks were an improvement over what I previously experienced when the service was called IMDb television.

Is Freevee Actually Free? Here's the Truth About This Streaming Service

On IMDb television, it wasn’t unusual to have to sit through 90-second breaks several times inside one program. I’m glad to report that my usage of Freevee was a vastly improved encounter.

For the purposes of this review, I sampled the ads for a Television program episode and a full-length film.

During the film, I observed that I was subjected to a simple 100 seconds of business breaks for a film that lasted one hour and 35 minutes. That is fantastic! And fortunately, you always knew where you stand with the ads on Freevee.

You can find them set apart on the progress bar for your film, and when it’s the ideal opportunity for the ads, there’s a clock in the upper passed on corner of the screen to tell you how long is left in the break.

Tips for Using Freevee!

Have some of the substance options grabbed your eye? Here are some tips for appreciating it on Freevee.

Sign up for a record for a more immersive encounter: As I referenced prior in the article, you don’t have to sign up for a record to appreciate Freevee, however doing so might be worth your while.

You’ll have an opportunity to customize your experience by labeling favorites, rating shows and movies, saving your progress and getting recommendations for new shows based on your streaming history.

Save the password on your gadget: In the event that you’re wanting to use the application as your essential source of streaming for Freevee, I suggest saving your password. I attempted not doing that and was then asked to sign in to my record most times I re-opened the application.

Is Freevee Actually Free? Here's the Truth About This Streaming Service

Rate movies and shows subsequent to viewing: However the IMDb television marking is gone, you still gain admittance to the IMDb ratings for movies and shows as a component of the streaming service’s point of interaction.

The tomfoolery part of streaming substance with ties to a site known for its reviews and ratings is that you become a functioning member in the process. There is no more excellent chance to rate a show or film than when it’s fresh at the forefront of your thoughts. The incorporation makes it easy to be a patron.


Assuming you’ve used IMDb television previously, you’ll observe that the early version of Freevee is incredibly similar. While the advancement of unique substance from Amazon gives Freevee the possibility to become one of the top freebies available, I don’t believe it’s very there yet.

It reminds me of watching a non-premium, radio wire based television network — yet with the advantage of having the option to watch on request and take it in a hurry with several devices.

On the off chance that you’re searching for a Netflix substitute, you’re likely to be disappointed. On the off chance that you’re searching for a free method for partaking in some quality substance, I don’t figure you can turn out badly.

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