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Is Facebook In An Abusive Relationship With Trump? Asks Facebook Employees


David Mudd

Employees of Facebook already let the company know their unhappiness in the policies. A virtual walkout also demonstrated by them earlier this week. Besides, most numbers of workers inside the company are not at all happy about Mark Zuckerberg’s double standard on politicians and common people. After all, now the picture is more clear and it reveals how much the employees are fed up with the company’s decision.

Mark Zuckerberg defends decisions on Trump as Facebook employee ...

This all started when Facebook refused to take down or take any action against Trump’s tweet. He tweeted against the protest going on all over the country. Moreover, he used the words “When looting starts, shooting starts”. Other social media accounts removed Trump’s post. some others added a regulatory notice against Trump’s words in their platform. But Facebook didn’t do anything against it.

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Employees Asking “Is Facebook In An Abusive Relation With Trump?”

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Earlier, the workers on Facebook asked CEO Mark Zukerberg about anything to do against Trump’s posts. After all, Facebook’s International Message Board also filled with more than 200 messages with the same need. The unwillingness of Facebook to hold Trump’s tweets lead to employees ask about whether Facebook is an abusive relationship with the President. After all, the unanswered questions are increasing inside the company.

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