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The holiday period is all about indulging in copious amounts of food and satisfying our hunger with the tastiest treats we’ve been yearning for. You need to make preparations for a feast at your home for the upcoming New Year. For those who enjoy both pizza and burgers, Domino’s is the best choice. Does Domino’s remain open on January 1? There are tens of thousands of Domino’s franchisees worldwide, and each one is free to choose its own operating hours. However, Domino’s will be open on New Year’s Day with shortened hours due to the high demand for their pizza and burgers.

Is Dominos Open On New Year's Day

New Year’s Eve Hours At Domino’s

Domino’s will be open from 10:30 AM to 12:00 AM on regular days. These times also apply on weekends. In contrast to other eateries that close early on New Year’s Eve, Domino’s adjusts their closing times based on the volume of business. The hours for Domino’s New Year’s are different on holiday weekends. You must check the hours online or by calling the customer service desk if you plan to go to Domino’s on New Year’s Day or Eve.

Do you want to know if Domino’s is open on New Year’s Eve if you have big plans to eat pizza with your friends and family? There is no need to be concerned because business will continue as usual at the restaurant, with delicious pizza being served to guests. Additionally, Domino’s will have many promotions running on their pizzas and hamburgers owing to the holiday season.

All Domino’s locations have the same New Year’s Eve hours. On New Year’s Eve, all Domino’s locations will open at 11 AM and shut at 9:45 PM. The restaurant will finish significantly earlier than its regular closing time of 12 AM due to the celebrations. In order to avoid disappointment, arrive early on New Year’s Eve and order your pizza.

It should be noticed that Domino’s website does not specify the holiday hours. Customers must therefore phone the desk to verify the times.

Is Dominos Open On New Year's Day

Is Dominos Open On New Year’s Day?

Pizza from Domino’s is a popular brand, and everyone enjoys its flavour and finesse. The hours that a restaurant is open also heavily depend on where it is located. Even while some establishments close as early as 9 PM, several remain open into midnight on weekends to service the public. Is Domino’s open on January First 2023? Yes, the shop is open on New Year’s Day, and you may either visit the restaurant or place an online order to get a slice of your preferred pizza.

Having your favourite dishes on hand to celebrate the new year is a wonderful idea. Many people look forward to consuming pizza on special occasions because it is a common craving. On New Year’s Day, you can indulge in pizza if that’s what you plan to consume in excess of. However, Domino’s New Year’s Day hours are shortened. From 12 PM to 11:45 PM, the restaurant will be open. The restaurant may stay open as late as 2:45 AM in busy areas, depending on the rush.

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