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Is David Muir Gay? Check Out All The Exclusive Detail About His Romantic Life

Is David Muir gay? This is one of the most asked questions regarding the American Journalist on the internet. People have always doubted his sexuality over time and there are many reasons why. The online community and the people have always speculated about his sexuality because he was never open about his relationship. Many people also insist that he might be a queer because he never gets married, It's super easy to doubt someone else sexuality to people. 

In this article, we’ll read everything about the young and handsome David Muir in detail. Keep reading this article to find out everything about him. 


David Muir is an American Journalist, who is known for his powerful and remarkable anchoring in the news channel. He is a popular public figure for the people. The journalist has already won an Emmy Award for Best Journalist. He is the presenter and the Editor for ABC World News Tonight with David Muir“ and is known for being the most popular journalist in America. 

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Early Life

David Muir Born on 8 November 1973 in Syracuse, New York. David Muir grew up in Onondaga Hill with older siblings and two younger siblings. Along with this, he has six nieces and three nephews. He has always been fascinated with the news channel and often watched the ABC news channel when in his early days. At that time, Peter Jennings was the face of the news channel and he was so inspired by him. He made a journalist influence young Muir. in 1991, David got Graduated from  Onondaga Central Junior-Senior High School and went for further schooling at Ithaca College where he got a Bachelor of Arts in journalism. 

During college, he did an internship at WTVH-TV in Syracuse. His professor used to tell him that he has the inbuilt power of being an anchor which inspired him a lot in the journey. He spent his later college days in the Institute on Political Journalism at the Fund for American Studies at Georgetown University. At the same time, he was seen on the semester board at the University of Salamanca in Spain with the Institute for the International Education of Students.

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Personal Life & Relationship

David Muir

Many people assumed that David Muir is gay, but there has been a long discussion that makes people think about his relationship. One of the major reasons was that he never opened his relationship. When it comes to their personal life, he has kept everything private. David is a news anchor and revealed life and mishaps through their Tv channels. They even talk about relationships but the anchor never revealed her girlfriend or boyfriend's name to the public. 

He has uploaded some pictures with Gio Benitez, a gay journalist who raises multiple questions about his sexuality and relationship. People have been speculating about their relationship for quite a while now. 

This is why many people assumed that he is gay, however, this was never officially confirmed. David has never talked about this in his life and fans are only left speculating about it. At the time of writing, he has not revealed his dating life, we are waiting for the news to break. If there will be something that we find out, we’ll make sure to let you know.

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Favorite Quotes

  • Every evening, I would excuse myself from playing in the backyard and go inside to watch the evening news… I wanted to get out there and see the world, and as a kid, I knew that Peter Jennings had a thirst and hunger to travel the world, too.
  • I think that our ‘Made in America' segments, where we go out to these factories all around the country, are essentially giving people a high-five and signal to them that we're in this together.
  • I remember being in New Orleans after Katrina and hearing people calling, ‘Help me,' and wanting to slide down in the seat of my car because it felt like I was invading their suffering. But I also know that our being there gave them a voice.
  • Our job every single night is to call out hypocrisy on both sides to make sure we're holding Republicans accountable and Democrats accountable, that we're holding the president accountable for promises made.
  • I think people do want to cut through the noise, and they do want straight shooters, and they want you to call people out on the facts when the facts are the facts.

Bottom Line

David Muir is an Anchor of ABC 2020 and currently working as a news journalist. He is one of the most popular American celebrities and people love his articles and news anchoring. David has already won multiple awards for being the best news journalist for national and international platforms which includes,  including Emmy and Edward R. Murrow for a journalist. People have already assumed that he is gay because he is still not married and seen in photographs with Gio Benitez. There is no proof regarding his personal life since the actor has kept it private from the audience. 

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