Is Dan Swygart Dating A 28-Year-Old Woman Who Looks 8?



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A handsome travel blogger has responded to allegations that he is “creepy” for dating a woman who is 28 years old but has the appearance of a young girl of 8 years old.

Dan Swygart, who is 26, has recently started dating reality personality Shauna Rae, whose growth was delayed due to the treatment she got as a youngster for brain cancer. Shauna Rae was diagnosed with brain cancer when she was just three years old. Rae, who has a body mass index of 50 and measures 3 feet 10 inches in height, serves as the protagonist of the TLC reality series titled “I Am Shauna Rae.”

Swygart only just posted a few photographs on Instagram along with Rae, followed by a video on the same platform in which he fiercely defended the legitimacy of their relationship. Rae has complained to The Post in the past about how difficult it is for her to find romantic partners, stating that she is underappreciated and rejected due to the fact that she is physically petite.

Is Dan Swygart Dating A 28-Year-Old Woman Who Looks 8?

After watching the first season of Rae’s show, Swygart said in his film that he sent flowers to her after reaching out to her with a compliment. The two people eventually got together in person and went on a number of dates.

“It’s really essential to keep in mind that Shauna is an amazing 28-year-old woman who has a disability,” he explained. “Please do not forget that.” Because of this, it is essential that you acknowledge her disability while also seeing past it and focusing on who she is as an individual while you are establishing a connection with her.

Swygart proceeded by saying, “You dehumanize her as soon as you imply that she can’t have a connection with someone else in the actual world.” She possesses human characteristics. She should be able to have interactions and connections with whomever she chooses since she has earned the right to do so.

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Swygart, who was born and raised in the United Kingdom, makes an appearance in the second season of “I Am Shauna Rae,” in which he is shown beginning to form a connection with the child actor.

But the Brit has received a lot of criticism from the audience, and one person even called him “sick” for considering Rae to be a potential romantic interest.

“Yes, she is 28, but she seems much younger than that and talks like a child.” She also does not behave in a way that is consistent with a mature woman. According to the Mirror, a critic stated that she has the personality of a toddler.

Is Dan Swygart Dating A 28-Year-Old Woman Who Looks 8?

“Any man or woman who can honestly declare that they can see her as a “sexual woman” is either lying or mentally ill. There is no other explanation.” PERIOD,” a third individual is reported to have said, while a second individual called him “creepy.”

In an interview with The Post from the previous year, Rae discussed her reality program and the fact that people consistently underestimate her abilities because she has the appearance of a young girl.

She made the statement that “If you look at me, you see an 8-year-old.” “But I think if you take the time to look at the details in my face, in my hands, and the maturity in my body — and I think if you take the time to actually talk to me — you really understand that I’m 28 years old,” she said. “But I think if you take the time to look at the details in my face, in my hands, and the maturity in my body.”

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However, her relationship with Swygart is currently in limbo because he recently moved back to his home in the UK, while Rae continues to live on Long Island. This has caused a rift in their romantic relationship.

On the show, she said, “I haven’t actually really thought about if Dan and I were in a relationship and how it would look.” In other words, she hadn’t given the topic any attention. “I’m going to guess that we might give long-distance dating a shot, but I’ve been in my fair share of long-distance relationships. It’s just not my thing at all.”

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