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For many people, the start of a new year is a time for celebration and a new beginning. And will a trip to Costco for groceries be part of that new beginning?

Although going food shopping may not seem like a resolution-making activity, if you are anything like us, there may be some in the task. Many of us are considering New Year’s Resolutions after a Christmas season chock full of treats like cakes, cookies, and lavish feasts.

Moreover, stocking up on goods is crucial because healthy eating will be the norm for at least the first month of the new year (we are not fools about ourselves and our bad eating habits). We can without a doubt stock up and save money at Costco.

is costco open on new year's day

Is Costco Open On New Year’s Day?

Apparently, Costco will be closed on January 1st for those hoping to start off 2023 with some bulk buying. New Year’s Day is one of seven days during the year when Costco is closed to customers, according to their customer service page.

For us, this merely means that we could have one more day to indulge in some of the Christmas sweets before having to wait until January 2 to fill up on food for the next year. Of course, you can always check out the other stores that are open on January 1 since the majority will be open during their regular business hours if you don’t need a tonne of goods and supplies to start out 2023.

There are several options for bringing those items home as we begin the new year, whether you wait until January 2 to complete your bulk shopping at Costco or visit another grocery store in your neighborhood.

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