Is Conan Gray Gay? Here’s The Untold Truth About Him!



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Conan Gray used to be a YouTuber, but now he makes music. His first studio album, Kid Krow, came out in March 2020. Gray got his start on YouTube when he was 9 years old. Most of the vlogs he posted were about his life in Georgetown, Texas. He also posted covers of songs on the channel, and over time, his music became known all over the world.

Sunset Season, his first EP with Republic Records, was played more than 300 million times online. His first big hit was the song “Maniac,” which played over 100 million times and was given a Platinum rating in Australia.

is conan gray gay

Is Conan Gray Gay?

Conan said that people shouldn’t try to put a tag on his sexuality and that they shouldn’t call him gay.

After Conan became a global megastar, people began to wonder about his sexuality. Fans and interviewers have asked Gray many times about his sexuality, but he has learned how to avoid answering.

But he didn’t want to be called gay, and he told people to stop trying to label his sexuality. Conan wrote on Twitter, “Y’all are so annoying. All you ever want to do is put a label on me. Just let me fuckin’ exist, what the fuck.”

Gray is very determined to keep his sexuality a secret. In his songs, he talks about his love life, but he is careful not to use pronouns that could give away who he is talking about. Gray wants people to enjoy his music and stop trying to put him in a certain sexual box. On Twitter, he wrote:

“Okay, here’s the deal. If labels about your sexuality, gender, beliefs, and all that other good stuff help you, I’m all for it. U do u. But I get mad when you try to put other people in a neat, easy-to-understand box. Stop! Please! Fucking Stop! ”

is conan gray gay

Conan’s latest music video, Heather, is about how hard it was for him to look perfect for a high school crush who didn’t love him back

Conan told Billboard in January 2019 that his love life had been terrible and that he had never been kissed. He told his fans that his 2020 album would tell them everything about him, and it did.

In The Story, he tells the story of two best friends who didn’t tell each other they liked each other because they were afraid of how the other person would react. In Checkmate, Conan vows to get even with two people who broke up with him so they could date each other. In the video for the song, Conan tries to hold on to a boy and a girl who like each other.

Heather might be the song about Conan’s love life that is the most honest. He just put out the video for the song about how hard it was for him to be like Heather, a girl who was his high school crush. Gray told VMan that he had a crush on someone for four years, but that person only liked Heather. The video for the song showed how Conan tried to be like Heather to get the attention of the girl he liked. He said:

“I would do anything for the person I loved to love me back. Anything to get picked first. The slow change throughout the video was meant to show how I switched between being feminine and masculine to become someone I knew my crush would like. Someone kind and nice. Someone similar to Heather.”

is conan gray gay

Around the time Conan released a song about heartbreak, it was said that he was dating Olivia Rodrigo

Since Driver’s License came out, Olivia Rodrigo‘s life has been closely watched. After avoiding rumors that she was dating her co-star Joshua Bassett, Olivia was back on the front page of the tabloids, this time because of rumors that she was dating Conan Gray.

Early in April 2021, Taylor Swift paid Olivia Rodrigo and Conan Gray to leak two records of her re-recorded version of “Fearless” a day before it was officially released. Fans said that Olivia and Gray looked like they were dating in two videos they made together. The focus moved away from Taylor’s songs and toward a possible romance between Conan and Olivia. But Rodrigo quickly put an end to the rumors when she said to Capital, “Conan is my friend, and the guy who makes most of my music also makes most of his.” We’re just friends, and I really like him.”

A month later, Conan put out the song Astronomy, which was about a slow breakup. He told Coupdemain magazine what he thought the song was about:

“‘Astronomy’ is about how growing apart from someone can be slow, painful, and often make you want to deny it. That moment when you look at someone you’ve loved for years and suddenly realize you don’t know them anymore. You now live in two different places. I think slow heartbreaks are the worst. There is no reason, and no one is to blame. “That’s the most painful.”

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