Is Bruce Campbell In Evil Dead 2023? Director Confirms Campbell’s Surprise Roles


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As the new Evil Dead Rise movie comes out, fans are eager to know if is Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead 2023. In horror movies, there are usually memorable characters. Like we had Jason Voorhees on Friday the 13th, Freddy Krueger in Nightmare on Elm Street, and Jigsaw in Saw. Evil Dead had a unique main character named Ashley Joanna “Ash” Williams who became a legend.

Will Bruce Cambell Makes An Appearance In Evil Dead?

Bruce Campbell( who also appeared in Sky High) is a well-known name from the Evil Dead series. He will make an appearance in the upcoming movie Evil Dead Rise. Campbell had previously stopped portraying his famous character Ash Williams.

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Initially, there were talks that maybe he won’t be taking it on again in the upcoming movie. He will work as a producer instead. He will still provide Ash’s voice in video games. Fans of the series may still want to keep an eye out for his cameo in the upcoming film despite this.

In a recent interview, director Lee Cronin revealed that he managed to include Ash in the final cut of the film as an Easter egg or a hidden role. Although the franchise is now focused on new heroes. But as per Cronin would be unfair to exclude the legendary character altogether. While not giving any clues, the director has promised a reward of $50 to the first person who finds the hidden reference.

Evil Dead Rise: A New Chapter Unfolds In LA

Evil Dead Rise is the fifth movie in the series. But it’s not connected to the other movies. The story takes place in an old apartment building in a shady part of Los Angeles. A single mother named Ellie(Alyssa Sutherland) lives there with her three kids. Her sister Beth comes to visit just as an earthquake hits the building. The family can’t escape and discovers a secret underground area.

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In Evil Dead Rise, the story is set in a rundown high-rise apartment building in Los Angeles. It follows a single mom named Ellie and her family. Her son Danny finds the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. This unleashes an ancient evil that possesses Ellie. The family must fight to survive with the help of Ellie’s sister.

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Although Ash Williams doesn’t have much of an impact on the story, he makes a small appearance in the past. This sets up the possibility of future sequels. Director Lee Cronin wants to use the Evil Dead franchise to create more movies. These movies could take place in the past or present, with Ash Williams making occasional appearances as a wise figure helping to stop the Deadite invasion.

Bruce Campbell Makes Surprise Appearance In Evil Dead Rise As Audio Of Priest

Bruce Campbell revealed that he has a small role in Evil Dead Rise as a priest whose voice can be heard on an old record. When the main character, Danny( Morgan Davies), listens to the records that he finds with the Naturom Demonto, he hears Campbell’s voice among the recordings of experiments conducted by a priest attempting to decode the book’s ancient inscriptions.

In one of the recordings, the priest presents his controversial ideas to a group of peers who are against his dangerous studies. Campbell voices one of these opposing priests, giving him a second role in the Evil Dead franchise. Fans of the series will likely recognize his voice right away.

Bruce Campbell’s Another Cameo in Evil Dead Rise: A New Dimension Of Horror

Once more, Campbell’s voice may be heard in Evil Dead Rise. Although it’s more elusive this time. Gabriel is one of Ellie’s victims at one particular scene when the Kandarian demons are released and she transforms into the Mommy Deadite. The scenario assumes a new dimension. Here audience views Campbell biting into an apple as Ellie bites on Gabriel’s face. Evil Dead Rise is currently playing in theaters.

Bruce Campbell Will Return As Ash Williams Only With Sam Raimi As Director

Bruce Campbell has expressed his reluctance to return as Ash Williams in a live-action format. However, he admitted that he would consider returning to the character if Sam Raimi, the director of the original Evil Dead trilogy, was involved in the project.

Is Bruce Campbell In Evil Dead 2023

Campbell believes that Raimi is the only one who can properly bring out the best in Ash’s character. He also told that he wants to work with Raimi and not just play Ash as a mere prop.


In Evil Dead Rise, the story revolves around a book called the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis or Naturom Demonto or the Book of the Dead. In most of the parts, a group of people find the book and read it. It then leads to a disaster that kills everyone except one or two people. The book comes with some kind of audio equipment that explains the rules for defeating the bad guys.

In the new movie, the book has phonograph records with a voice. And yes, the fans might recognize it. Director Lee Cronin says that Campbell’s appearance is more than just a reference to the previous movies. Fans will have to listen closely to hear Campbell’s voice.

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