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Is Bigbug Netflix’s a Trip to Horrifying Sexual Farce


Thanks to Netflix, French surrealist-auteur Jean-Pierre Jeunet has a platform to release Bigbug, his first film in nine years and a new weirdo triumph. You might be familiar with Jeunet from his sellout film Alien: Resurrection, his effervescent melancholy-pop Oscar nominee Amélie, or even his 1991 debut and cult classic Delicatessen, which masterfully combines tenderness and buffoonery. The movie Bigbug is a dismal satire like the latter, although set in the smart home age, and it’s jam-packed with the cuckoo humor and ultra-styled visual sensibilities that are his trademarks. On paper, it seems excellent, doesn’t it? Execution, however, may be another matter together.

The Jeunet and Guillaume Laurant-penned artificial intelligence comedy “Bigbug,” which was shot on a single-stage set, had a gloomy undertone. When a militarised breed of androids known as the Yonyx tries a political takeover, the quarreling blended family, which primarily consists of a snarky wife (Elsa Zylberstein), her rascally suitor (Stéphane De Groodt), her obnoxious ex-husband (Youssef Hadji), and his younger-model fiancée (Claire Chust), finds that which is trapped in

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While some clever concepts (a pushy salesperson offering things as solutions to the family’s myriad problems), “Bigbug” is overdressed, overlong, and progressively less funny. Even if the robots’ attempts to resemble humans are presented for comedy, the scene inevitably brings up the question: Is a person without a soul any more frightening than an android?

Release Date of the Movie Bigbug?

You can watch Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s directed movie Bigbug on Netflix on the 11th of February 2022.

Is There a Trailer for the Movie Bigbug?

The comedy “Bigbug” by Jean-Pierre Jeunet about sex and the singularity is available on Netflix.Before going to the movie watch the trailer.

Cast of the Movie Bigbug

What Is the Plot of the Movie Bigbug?

It’s 2045. Finally, we have flying automobiles, robot housekeepers, a flooded Netherlands, and hovering drones that spy on people while transmitting commercials. You have to, as always, balance the good with the bad, right? The houses in Alice’s (Elsa Zylberstein) French suburb all look the same, but at least they are mid-century contemporary for the mid-twentieth century since everything old is new again. She is a cultural outlier who still collects certain items—books, for example—and who enjoys writing words by hand on parchment with ink like people once did.

Such elaborate handwriting intrigues her potential love interest, Max (Stephane De Groot), even if he might be lying because his main goal is to undress Alice. She either accepts or rejects his pretense of progressiveness, but she is open to some herself. They are middle-aged divorcees who are hot and consenting, so by all means, have at it, even though they are so absurd that perhaps we don’t need to witness.

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Anyway, Max has his teenage son Leo (Helie Thonnat) with him when they visit Alice, and the teenager isn’t embarrassed by his parents’ excessive libido because he’s too naive to care. Nestor is the Alexa-like unseen existence in people’s houses, the being with a voice that you can ask to unlock the doors and switch on lights, so no one is ever truly alone in here a reality. Every house now has a crew: In Alice’s, Monique (Claude Perron) is a robotic maid who prepares meals, does washing, and utilizes devices to track Max’s honesty and erection using digital readings that are only visible to her and us.

There is a housekeeping droid that vacuums and spritzes and appears to have fallen from MST3Satellite K’s of Love, as well as a cute little one that formerly amused Alice’s young kid. Einstein is a severed head-contraption that moves around like Google on several legs. It leads to unpleasant exchanges between Max, Alice, her ex-husband Victor (Youssef Hadji), and his fiancée/secretary Jennifer during the planned dropoff of said daughter Nina. Alice’s neighbor Francoise (Isabelle Nanty) and her “sports” bot Greg (Alban Lenoir), who we soon discover is actually her sex bot, drop by to spice the brew. Francoise is trying to rescue the eighth clone of her accident-prone

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After that, the doors won’t unlock and the air conditioner won’t turn on because, according to reports, the singularity is taking place and Monique and her team, who are not involved in the AI uprising, wish to keep their owners safe. So they’re all cooped up together watching TV, which is either playing the French dub of Ow My Balls (dubbed Homo Ridiculous) or a debate between a human and Yonyx (Francois Levantal), the dominant dictator of this reality, who all have ominous yellow-green eyes, protruding teeth, and a RoboCop-like walk. The indoor automatons aren’t associated with Yonyx; in fact, they’d want to be human, thus they attempt to copy their owners by reading books and other things, although they never mimic one another.

What Is the Best Performance?

One of the robots stands out in a cast of characters with little substance or demeanor. The only one who generates a lot of funny material while portraying Monique is Perron.


What Is the IMDB Rating of Bigbug?

The IMDB rating of Bigbug is 5.4/10.

Is Bigbug a Kid-friendly Movie?

The movie Bigbug is meant for kids above 17 years.

What Is Bigbug Rated?

Bigbug is an R-rated movie.

What Is the Final Call on the Movie Bigbug?

Bigbug is a mistake for Jeunet and a poor jumble of silly humor hiding clever ideas. Avoid It.

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