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Rian Johnson’s Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery generated waves in the weeks leading up to its debut in theatres because of the director’s controversial statements on Benoit Blanc.

Johnson was asked on stage at a press conference during the London Film Festival whether a specific sequence confirms that Daniel Craig’s character was gay, to which he responded: “Yes, he obviously is.” The event took place in London.

People argued that Rian may be queerbaiting his listeners in response to the assertion, which was met with a healthy amount of suspicion but also a lot of excitement and cheering online.

To tell you the truth, we do not have the time (or the patience) to debate whether or not the word “queerbaiting” still has any relevance in the year 2022. In the most recent few years, the concept has undergone significant weaponization and recontextualization, which, in our opinion, has caused it to start losing some of its worth.

However, it is reasonable that LGBTQ+ fans would be hesitant of instantly accepting Johnson at his word given the recent congratulatory statements from big film companies.

Even while the director may not mind publicly waving the rainbow flag, one must wonder whether or not his picture will genuinely have anything to say about the sexuality of the character.

is benoit blanc gay

But now that Glass Onion is now accessible to view all over the world on Netflix, we are pleased to confirm that the response to the question of whether Benny is gay is still “Yes, he clearly is.”

Benoit’s sexuality is established in a very clear and convincing manner right at the beginning of the movie, in the moment that Johnson was questioned about during LFF.

This sequence takes the form of a husband reveal, and Hugh Grant is shown to be the spouse in question. To clarify, if you are not homosexual, you do not live with a middle-aged Hugh Grant, and Hugh Grant most definitely does not know that you haven’t left the bathtub in weeks if you are not gay.

However, despite how obvious it may appear to us, there are still some viewers who aren’t convinced that the fact that Benoit lives with the protagonist of the ultimate romantic comedy is a strong enough indicator. They bring up the point that despite the fact that this sequence is rather quick, it still has the potential to be omitted from or altered for overseas markets (something that we have seen Disney do in the past).

It is an entirely reasonable issue; nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that Netflix does not currently have any historical precedent for acting in this manner, and it appears to have ignored demands to ban LGBTQ+ content from specific nations.

is benoit blanc gay

We also can’t speak to the genuine sentiments of any individual, but as a director whose films are known for the politically progressive stances they take, we find it hard to believe that Rian Johnson, who has a history of taking such a stance in his work, would allow this to pass without making a statement.

In addition to that, we’d like to draw your attention to two more items. Benoit’s sexuality may not be addressed directly in any other part of the movie (for example, there is no hot rendezvous between Craig and Grant), but this does not imply that it is unimportant to the story. Specifically, it is utilized to highlight Kate Hudson’s character, Birdie, and give the audience a hint about how inattentive she is to the world around her.

She repeatedly hits on Benoit, much to his bewilderment, misinterpreting his meaning in both action and words. This running gag occurs multiple times during the course of the film. The clearest illustration of this is when he basically hints that she could have committed murder and might represent a threat, and in response, she bats her eyelids and asks, “Are you saying I’m dangerous, Mr. Blanc?” in a seductive manner, as if she were a femme fatale from the 1950s.

It is a pretty humorous sequence, but the audience has to know that Benoit was looking at Dave Bautista’s weapon in the water about 15 minutes earlier for it to make any sense at all as a scenario.

Johnson has a great deal of dexterity in this regard. He verifies Benoit’s sexuality, making it seem like it shouldn’t be a big problem, and he does it in a way that is crucial to the plot, but it doesn’t feel forced or like it’s pandering to the audience.

is benoit blanc gay

All of this is to argue that any accusation of “queerbaiting” on Johnson’s side feels unwarranted, unprepared, and myopic. Especially considering the track record of the director when it comes to tackling important societal themes in his movies.

While we’re at it, we can’t hide the fact that we were overjoyed to witness James Bond himself playing a character who is homosexual and content with their life. Do you need us to remind you of the absolutely iconic allegiance that Daniel Craig displays on a consistent basis? (And no, we don’t simply mean being married to Rachel Weisz.)

If you had asked any gay audience members whether they received a vibe from Benoit at any moment in this movie, they would have undoubtedly rolled their eyes in response. All of this analysis is also humorous because of this fact. Blanc’s entire character is that of a performative southern dandy, which is the single most obvious sign that someone is gay if you have ever had any kind of interaction with a gay man over the age of fifty.

This mood certainly extends to other aspects of his appearance, such as his many, many cravats, which are charming, as well as the salmon shirt and mask that match each other.

Benoit’s sense of style is undeniably flamboyant, certainly more so than his autumnal wardrobe in the first movie, and while there is certainly no single way that LGBTQ+ people dress, it’s not a massive leap to think that the character is making deliberate choices when he, for example, dons an excellent blue-striped co-ord to go for a dip in the pool. Benoit’s sense of style is undeniably flamboyant, certainly more so than his

Benoit Blanc is unquestionably a member of the LGBT community, no question about it. And we adore that in regard to us.

A Knives Out Mystery, also known as Glass Onion, is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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